850 people went to Iñaquito in search of reinforcement for covid-19 this May 14

Vaccination process at the Iñaquito Metropolitan Sports Center. Photo: Julio Estrella / EL COMERCIO

An important welcome for vaccination before him covid-19 was registered today, Saturday May 14, 2022. Until Metropolitan Sports Center from Iñaquitoin the north of the capital, about 850 people arrived.

At 1:30 p.m., the queue of people lined up at the inaquito street. Attention started from 08:00 and was scheduled to close at 15:00. However, in addition to the line outside, people were also registering inside waiting for the corresponding dose.

Doris Pacheco was waiting in a kind of room located in the Center’s offices. She said that she was coming for her second booster. In his case, five months had already passed since his third dose.

About 15 minutes it took him to enter, according to what he said. Once inside, the attention was opportune, she pointed out. She arrived at the place in the company of one of her daughters.

Gabriela Mesa, district director from Healthpointed out that today, unlike previous weekends, a greater number of attendees. This did not happen only in Iñaquito but also in the Coliseum of the central Universityalso located in the north.

She clarified that only people over 50 years of age who have received the first dose four months ago. The third dose is also given to children between three and five years of age.

Last Thursday, the Ministry from Health reported that in the week epidemiological 18 of this year, 925 confirmed cases were registered, 174 less than the previous week, when 1,099 were reported throughout the country. Of the total infections, 449 required medical care and they were not necessarily serious patients.

For this reason, Minister Ximena Garzón asked the municipalities of the country not to penalize people who have decided not to use mask.

On Sunday, May 15, 2022, the vaccination will continue in Quito. From 08:00 they will be enabled a point in the north: the Iñaquito Sports Center. For the rural parishes of the northwest there will be attention Hospital from Nanegalith.

In the center will be served in the Hub from Health of the Historical Center. Likewise, in the south, the Recreo Shopping Center and the Quicentro Sur; while in the valley you can attend the Specialized Center from Integral rehabilitation (CERI) in Conocoto and the Tumbaco Health Center.

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