a Red Devil reveals the behavior of Cristiano Ronaldo in the locker room

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Finally remained at Manchester United despite his desire to leave this summer, Cristiano Ronaldo is nonetheless motivated for the coming season, he who found the net last Thursday in the Europa League against Sheriff Tiraspol. Behavior appreciated by his teammates, while rumors indicated that his case was divided internally!

Dubravka praises CR7’s state of mind!

Indeed, in comments granted to Chronicle Live, Martin Dubravka, who arrived this summer from Newcastle, praised the state of mind of the fivefold Ballon d’Or:

“We had the opportunity to talk to each other before training and then after training in the gym. He asked me about my family, if I was staying in a hotel now and the usual things. He told me showed interest and he started first. I didn’t want to sound like a fan and go straight to him, but it was very nice to talk to him about anything. It’s probably with I talked to him the most, apart from maybe Scott McTominay and Tom Heaton, who are right next to me in the locker room, of course.”

to summarize

A current Manchester United player has made revelations about Cristiano Ronaldo’s behavior in the locker room! Indeed, Martin Dubravka has revealed that the Portuguese displayed a pleasant state of mind, having even come to him first.

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