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Every time a new year arrives, as is the case with 2023, there is an abundance of desire to transform inside and out. The trend of aesthetic medicine has also been updated, completely renewed.

The thing of the moment is drinkable marine collagenbody retinol, ‘botox like’ products and even new ingredients such as azenoglycine, the Elle portal specified.

There are others who are top and they will reign in the after-meals of the ‘beauty addicts’, such is the case of the new lifting effect, the viral threads of 12 short cones throughout the year 2023.

What is in vogue in aesthetic medicine

Drinkable marine collagen. In the cosmetic world he has been ranked as one of the kings. Above all, due to its drinkable version in nutricosmetics, it is hydrolyzed. Unlike other ingredients, it multiplies its effects, becoming up to four times more bioassimilable

body retinol. An established and strong trend makes clear the importance of body retinol today: it will go from being something specific to the whole body.

Within the so-called “bodyskinification”, known as the care routine whose goal is to treat the skin of the body with the active ingredients used for the faceis consolidated as a complete step.

Botox-like products. Now, you can forget about the punctures of the botox normal with ‘botox like’, natural base. It manages to imitate the action of a retinoid on the skin: it increases the thickness of the dermis. At the same time, it reduces the depth of wrinkles.

Azenoglycine, new ingredients

In this 2023 one of the new ingredients will give something to talk about. Under the name azenoglicina, constituted by one part of azelaic acid and two of glycine,

It is one of the ingredients that, in 2023, will cause people to talk. Azenoglycine contains one part azelaic acid and two parts glycine, which makes it one of the powerful facial cleansers.

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