After the attack on Pedro Pascal: Ethan Van Sciver mocks Chileans with videos and images of Adam Levine | TV and show

The cartoonist was criticized by hundreds of Chileans after treating Pedro Pascal as a “fat coward.” However, he took the time to respond to his “haters” on his social networks.

After the artist of Marvel and DC Comics, Ethan Van Sciver, was attacked on social networks by hundreds of Chileans, the cartoonist, instead of being upset by the action, began to respond with ironic tweets, while mocked the “enmity” that the lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, has with different Chilean users on the internet.

It all happened on the night of the Oscars, when, at the moment when the Chilean actor Pedro Pascal came on stage, the artist wrote: “Oh, it’s this idiot. Thanks for staying behind Gina, you fat coward.”

Van Sciver, who originally he had apologized after receiving various insults and criticism from Chileanschanged his position last Tuesday, when he demonstrated his finding on national users on his social networks.

“This is fascinating. I guess these crazy Chilean Twitter mobs They Attacked Maroon 5’s Adam Levine For Not Putting On A Good Show 3 Years Ago, And Now They’re ‘Attacking’ Me For Calling Pedro Pascal A Fat Coward that you should have been brave enough to support Gina Carano’s freedom of expression,” he wrote at the time.

The freedom of expression that Van Sciver defends deals with a controversy that dates back to the beginning of 2021, when Gina Carano assured that Donald Trump supporters and members of the Republican party were being just as persecuted and “harmed” as the Jews who were murdered in Germany.

According to the cartoonist, Pascal had to defend his colleague “especially since his job was obviously insured. Everybody knows it’s true, I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry. Get a better hero.”

With the passing of the hours, Van Sciver continued with his comments on Twitter, where he assured that “I learned that some Chileans are angry that the citizens of the United States are known around the world as Americans. They feel that they are Americans too, because their continent is called South America.”

“Oh, and they hate Adam Levine. I used to do it too, until today.”he added, by then beginning to post images and music videos of Maroon 5.

The comments of the Chileans continued, as well as the tweets of the comic artist, who He also began to repeatedly request Chilean food recipes..

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