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Not all the features that the Galaxy S23 will get are related to artificial intelligence, there are a few very interesting ones, such as Auracast and one dedicated to instant slow-motion video. Thanks to Samsung’s announcement today, the list of devices that will receive One UI 6.1 in March has become official and The release date for this update with numerous AI features has been confirmed..

In recent weeks, the artificial intelligence capabilities that last year’s Galaxy devices will have, the update release date and phones and tablets that will benefit from these features which debuted with the new Galaxy S24 series.

Samsung has published a statement on its website with the official list of Galaxy devices that will receive One UI 6.1 and the new Galaxy AI interface. transfer calls, help take notes or that you can chat on WhatsApp with fully translated messages.

Date and list of Galaxy devices with One UI 6.1

There is one more very important point: all these Galaxy phones and tablets will receive a “Circle Search” gesture. And it’s surprising because as of now, older Pixels still don’t have this feature, although it is expected that between now and the end of March, the date Samsung has given for the One UI 6.1 rollout, they will be able to get this intuitive experience of searching for anything , which appears on the mobile phone screen.

As for the Galaxy devices that will receive this update based on Android 14, there is nothing surprising here. leak confirmed in previous weeks. And yes, the Galaxy S22 series is still being left behind, although there seems to be some good news and hope that it might get some AI features with the One UI 6.1 update.

Image of One UI 6.1 on a Samsung tablet

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Samsung confirmed that One UI 6.1 will be received at the end of March with generative AI capabilities on all these Galaxy devices:

  • Galaxy S23 series.
  • Galaxy S23 FE.
  • Galaxy Z-fold 5.
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5.
  • S9 series tab.

Galactic AI they will get

In addition to the AI ​​features, there are three new image editing features for confirm that momentary slow motion will be present in the next update. Here are the Galaxy AI features coming at the end of March:

  • Chat translation: WhatsApp (and other supported apps) messages in another language will be translated, but you must use a Samsung keyboard.
  • Simultaneous translation for calls– Text and voice translations in real time.
  • Translator mode– Split screen to create text translations for conversations.
  • Circle to search: Find everything that appears on the screen by tracing it with your finger.
  • Note Help: Format, summarize, or translate notes.
  • Help with web navigation: A summary of any web page.
  • Transcription of recordings with annotations using a Samsung recorder.

One UI 6.1 update image


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dedicated to image editing They are also very interesting for productivity and include some capabilities derived from artificial intelligence to give the Galaxy S23, foldable devices and tablets a different perspective:

  • Generative editing: Similar to Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill or Magic Eraser Pixel, it allows you to move or erase objects in a photo.
  • Proposed Changes: Recommendations for improving your photos.
  • Instant slow motion: Generates additional frames to convert regular video into slow motion or Slow motion.

There is an important detail in Samsung’s statement regarding the possibility that other devices will later receive these artificial intelligence features via One UI 6.1. That is, perhaps the Galaxy S22 series may receive some interesting news from Galaxy AI.

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