Amber Heard asked her friends for financial help and they rejected her

Amber Heard It is going through not only a difficult moment both economically and socially. And it is that, not only the actress must pay 15 million dollars in damages to lose a lawsuit against Johnny Deppbut also reported that the famous actress is ignored by her famous friends.

As revealed GeoNewssome of the great friends that Heard used to party with are completely ignoring her friendwho turned to them for help after his financial situation was drastically affected. The celebrities not only did she have to move to a much smaller place, but they also reported that she is seen as a “radioactive” person within the industry, which would make it difficult for her to find work.

Amber Heard with her friend, Cara Delevingne (Photo: Instagram).

The aforementioned portal, through an anonymous source, provided specific details about the unsympathetic attitude of other female Hollywood celebrities, including Kirsten Stewart, Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie.

“Amber has reached out to her old party pals like Kirsten Stewart, Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie, hoping they’ll help her with a place to stay,” the source said, adding, “She’s being snubbed and in many ways cases, completely ghost“.

The actress played Mera in "Aquaman"one of his latest projects.
The actress played Mera in “Aquaman”, one of her latest projects.

A few days ago it was also reported that, due to the lack of offers for the former Aquaman star to participate in another project in Hollywood, they offered him a role in a movie X whose economic offer would be very high. According to the agency that would be coordinating the proposal, Zen Modelsthe income would practically help pay off the debt to Heard.

“We have been in contact with a group of adult film production companies who are interested in offering Ms. Heard a contract to act in an adult entertainment video production“, advanced the president of Zen Models, Veronica Madjarian.

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