Ana de Armas impresses her fans with fishnet stockings and a black dress | PHOTOS

Next Wednesday, the netflix platform premieres one of its most ambitious film projects of the year: “Blonde”, the biography of Marilyn Monroeplayed by the Cuban actress Anne of Arms.

The 34-year-old actress was present at the venice festival in early September, although he did not win any awards, he dazzled everyone with his outfits.

Anne of Arms. Photo: IG ana_d_armas and Another Magazine.

Of weapons He prepared for the role for months, and although he received some criticism for his accent, his performance was widely praised in Venice.

Now that the beautiful Cuban actress continues to gain very good fame for her performances, now hundreds of media have sought her out to talk about her new project and for photo sessions. One of them is the rBiannual Another Magazine UK

Anne of Arms. Photo: IG ana_d_armas and Another Magazine.

In the photo session, which you can see in full by clicking here, you can see the actress posing in a black dress and stockings of the same color, images that show her beauty and sensuality very well.

In other photos, Anne of Arms She poses with a red sweater and a lilac dress that makes her beauty stand out in all splendor.

Anne of Arms. Photo: IG ana_d_armas and Another Magazine.

This is what you should know about “Blonde”

Based on a novel by the American writer Joyce Carol Oates, the film lasts 165 minutes, crudely portrays the rise to stardom and especially the mental problems of the blonde Hollywood star, who died at the age of 36. The director is Andrew Dominik (“The Murder of Jesse James”).

No one gets off scot-free in this reinterpretation of the life of the platinum blonde, a fragile being in a misogynistic Hollywood. Not even then-President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who she portrays as a sexual predator, forcing Marilyn to fellate him while she’s on the phone.

Norma Jean’s (actress’s real name) husbands mistreated or scorned her, according to Carol Oates’ account.

baseball star J.oe DiMaggio is played by bobby carnivalewhile the role of playwright Arthur Miller falls to Adrian Brody.

The film evokes the shattered childhood of Marilyn, the daughter of a single mother with psychiatric problems, the absence of her father and later, the motherhood that never materialized for the actress.

Anne of Arms. Photo: IG ana_d_armas and Another Magazine.

Rated not suitable for children under 17 in the United States, the film can be seen by the nearly 220 million subscribers of Netflix and will not be projected in theaters.

“Blonde” is one more step in the outstanding career of Anne of Armsa young woman who was born in the communist Cuba of Fidel Castrobegan doing theater, went to Madrid at the age of 18 and then, in 2006 to the United States, where she has already played important roles, such as the holographic lover of Ryan Gosling in the second part of “Blade Runner” (“Blade Runner 2049”).

In search of greater realism, the film was shot in the same house where he grew up. Norm Jean, before she spent a few years in the orphanage, and also in the house where she was found dead. The film does not clear up the mystery surrounding that death, which was officially due to ingestion of barbiturates.


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