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Have you tried this function of your android cell phone? Well, the terminals with Google’s operating system are full of details such as a better processor, more battery, triple camera and even tools that allow you to connect to dual-band Wi-Fi. But What is the use of “visual rest”?

This is located within the notification bar and is striking because it has an eye icon within the android cell phones. Here we tell you more details.

Remember that if you can’t find it, you can edit the options of the notification bar and functions to enable it and so you can have that tool that is quite necessary.

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What is the “eye rest” button on your Android phone for?

  • Visual rest, as its name suggests, serves to avoid any type of fatigue in the eyes.
  • When you press the icon, a yellow filter automatically appears on your mobile screen.
  • This means that certain pixels will no longer be displayed, both white, which can affect your view.
  • On the contrary, you can read and check everything you want without tiring yourself out.
  • Of course, it is always good to let the cell phone rest for hours or stay away so as not to cause damage.
  • Likewise, you have the possibility of establishing a time schedule where visual rest is activated automatically.
This is how your cell phone will be displayed when you activate the "eye rest".  (Photo: MAG - Rommel Yupanqui)

This is how your cell phone will be when you activate the “eye rest”. (Photo: MAG – Rommel Yupanqui)

What does the NFC button on your Android phone mean and what is it for?

  • If you have wondered what the “NFC” button is for, then to make payments without contacts.
  • This means that it can be used very similar to Apple Pay, in which you must download an app to be able to use this function and thus make payments without having to have your physical card.
  • Although this is only found in some countries, it is expected that little by little it will reach a presence in Latin America.
  • On the other hand, with NFC you can also quickly synchronize some devices in your home just by sliding your terminal over the gadgets.
  • Likewise, the NFC will also help you locate items that you cannot find at home and that have a tag.
  • The identification and even the passport can also be carried within the NFC app. However, it is also disabled in several countries, as is the case with the vaccination card.

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