Anthony Fauci assures that the United States “is out of the pandemic phase of covid-19” | Univision Health News

“Certainly now in this country we are out of the pandemic phase”said in an interview with PBS NewsHour on Tuesday.

“We don’t have 900,000 new infections a day and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. We are at a low level now. So if you ask me if we are out of the pandemic phase in this country yet, I would say we are,” she insisted.

However, he clarified that this is not the case at a global level and that his words should not be misunderstood either, since this does not imply that the United States is free from the risk of suffering new waves of contagion.

“The world is still in a pandemic. There are no doubts about that. Let no one misunderstand that. We are still experiencing a pandemic.”said to Washington Post in an attempt to clarify his previous statements.

In that interview he clarifies that, after the pandemic phase in its maximum expression that the United States suffered during the winter with omicron, the country entered a period of “deceleration” and that it is heading for a “control phase” in which the coronavirus still circulates, but does not cause devastation that translates into high numbers of hospitalizations and deaths.

“There is the full-fledged pandemic dynamic, as we were months ago, where we had 900,000 cases per day, tens of thousands of hospitalizations, 3,000 deaths per day,” he said, adding that now “deaths went from 3,000 to 300.”

“Now we are at a low enough level that I think we are transacting towards endemicity,” Fauci said.

Most of the population has tested positive for covid-19

Certainly the cases of covid-19 in the country have dropped drastically in recent months after the last wave of omicron, but they continue to double the number reported during last summer and in recent weeks the infections have increased again thanks to the BA subvariants .2 and BA.2.12.1 which are more contagious than their predecessors.

In a stark reminder that the coronavirus is still circulating in the country, Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive this week for the coronavirus but is asymptomatic.
Hospitalizations have increased a bit, but not at significant levels to cause concern.

Although fatalities are low thanks to herd immunity from vaccinations and previous infections, they are still double the deaths from the most recent flu seasons.

The coronavirus will never be eradicated, stresses Anthony Fauci

Restrictions have been eased across much of the country, including the removal of the federal mask-wearing mandate, which was overturned by a judge.
The country is now trying to define what its response will be to this phase of the pandemic.

Although in light of all this at times it seems that the coronavirus is a thing of the past, the reality is that it will never be eradicated, Fauci stressed in an interview with PBSbut the expert is confident that its circulation can remain “very low” if people vaccinate “intermittently”.

In many parts of the world, vaccination rates remain too low, the World Health Organization recently warned, stressing that the pandemic is far from over in the world.


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