Bad Bunny drops his popularity on Spotify for this reason

After the controversy with a woman, Bad Buuny's songs drop on the Spotify charts.
After the controversy with a woman, Bad Buuny’s songs drop on the Spotify charts.

Bad Bunny was the most listened to artist in Spotify during 2022, but this year he did not start it in the best way due to a controversy with a fan, which had consequences in the number of reproductions of his songs.

The Puerto Rican artist threw the woman’s cell phone into the water when she tried to take a selfie with him. The video of the event went viral and there was an immediate impact on the music platform because her songs came out of the top 25 positions.

The decrease in reproductions occurred in USAfeaturing iconic songs from their latest album A summer without youwhich at its launch became the most listened to on the application and led the singer to be the protagonist of the platform in 2022.

This was the descent of his songs:

– Tití asked me: #25 (-12)

– I behave Pretty: #33 (-18)

– Effect: #75 (-18)

– Cute Eyes: #144 (-47)

– Moscow Mule: #167 (-61)

– Cooler: #190 (-60)

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Bad Bunny got mad at a fan and threw her phone on the floor

The incident with the woman occurred after Bad Bunny went out to eat with his work team, there some fans approached him and one of them took out her cell phone to take a picture, but the artist did not stop and threw the phone away, saying: “You have to respect the passage… respect step”.

Then in your account Twitter He referred to the situation again, justifying his act. “The person who comes up to me to say hello, to tell me something, or just to meet me, will always receive my attention and respect. Those who come to put a phone bastard in my face I will consider it for what it is, a lack of respect and I will treat it the same way ”.

Faced with the controversy, several singers spoke out and even the Colombian, Jorge Celedon, He asked his followers to help him locate the woman who tried to take himself to give him a cell phone.

From golden side, Luisito Communicates justified the singer by saying that “the reaction of Bad Bunny It is completely human and more than understandable.”

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Bad Bunny.  Photo: Instagram @badbunnypr
Bad Bunny. Photo: Instagram @badbunnypr

This decrease in reproductions is an important fact, considering that the Puerto Rican is the most listened to artist year after year since 2020, so it has a high value on the platform.

During 2022 it was the most important, since his album A summer without you was the one that had the most reproductions in the world, in addition to two of its songs, I behave pretty Y Marmoset asked me, They were among the five most listened to.

An important achievement because he is the only Latin singer who got into those lists of the most outstanding last year, at the level of artists like Taylor Swift, BTS and Ed Sheeranamong others.

Artists with the most reproductions in 2022

1.Bad Bunny

2.Taylor Swift


4.The Weeknd


Most Played Albums

1. A Summer Without You – Bad Bunny

2. Harry’s House – Harry Styles

3. SOUR – Olivia Rodrigo

4. = – Ed Sheeran

5. Planet Her – Doja Cat

most heard songs

1. “As It Was” – Harry Styles

2. “Heat Waves” – Glass Animals

3. “STAY (with Justin Bieber)” – The Kid LAROI

4. “Me Porto Bonito” – Bad Bunny feat. chencho corleón

5. “Marmoset Asked Me” – Bad Bunny

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