Billie Eilish style, Zendaya, Charli D’Amelio and other gen Z stars


thedentikit of the Gen Z girls: were born between the 1995 and 2010 and they are not afraid to break with traditions. This is demonstrated by the style of the most famous among them: the singer Billie Eilish (19 years old), the actress Zendaya (24), the influencer sisters CharliandDixie D’Amelio (17 and 19), the stars of the Korean girlband Blackpink LISA and Rose (both 24), the poet and activist Amanda Gorman (23) and the comedian Elsa Majimbo (19). Very different from each other and beloved by a global fan base. The looks tell a lot about their personalities, influence those of those who follow them and also the catwalks.

Billie Eilish style: clothes as an yno to freedom

It is not everyday to see a (then) seventeen-year-old become the star of world pop and do not come to terms with what society demands of a female icon. Discover yourself without exaggeration, be sensual but not too much, use your body for pleasure. Billie Eilish didn’t, and for two years led XXL t-shirt and he never let a glimpse of an inch of skin. So much so that when it was paparazzi with a very normal thin straps tank top the photo has made the rounds of the media and social media, as if finally you could argue about its real sizes.

A month ago, evidently, she felt ready for a radical change: dyed her hair platinum and posed for the cover of British Vogue in latex and bustier suits, all signed gucci. «I love these photos and I really enjoyed doing this photo shoot. Do what you want whenever you want. To hell with everything else.” he said in the interview.

Zendaya and Elsa Majimbo, Valentino’s testimonial

There is not only Gucci on the list of brands that are working on a new self-image, which passes through the faces of the girls who represent them. Valentine chose the star of Euphoria Zendaya, testimonial for the spring summer 2021 and autumn winter 2021/2022 campaigns, and the Instagram comedian Elsa Majimno, who with the maison created the children’s book The Alphabet for Kids & Adults.

Zendaya was the protagonist of almost all the latest red carpets, virtual or live, also thanks to his stylist, Law Roach, recently named the most powerful in Hollywood by the annual Hollywood Reporter ranking.

Charli and Dixie or Lisa and Rose?

The first are the D’Amelio sisters, very famous on Instagram but above all on TikTok where they have respectively 116 and 52 million followers. Hulu has just announced the creation of a reality shows about their lives, immediately after the end of the twentieth season of Keeping Up The Kardashian, the most famous of its kind. Charli was the face of Prada and attended the last live show of the brand, in February 2020, creating a crowd of very young fans outside the show.

Dixieinstead he attended the last edition of the Billboard Awards, wearing the most classic of the red carpet dresses, silver and mermaid, by Ralph &Russo.

A few colored strands of hair apart, they represent the classic american-girl style, sneakers, Levi’s 501 and hoodie included.

On the other side there are Lisa and Rose, the most famous of the four Blackpinks. They already have a reality show, on Netflix, yet on social media they appear more shy. And certainly more interesting to position itself on a more sophisticated style: the first is testimonial for Celine by Hedi Slimane, the second for Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.


Amanda, Intellectual 2.0

His image with maxi ross headbandor (by Prada, like the rest of the look) and yellow coat immediately became iconic. It was last January 20th and Amanda Gorman, poet and activist, was on the stage of theJoe Biden’s presidential inauguration to talk about environmental protection, racial equality and gender justice.

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His book The hill we climb it is a must among peers as well as her look that has brought her straight to the cover of Vogue America. A bit like the thirty-year-old member of parliament Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gorman wants to show that even clothes can be used to get taken seriously.



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