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A pause for forced reflection is underway on the construction of the new gym dedicated to boxing which, according to the initial forecasts, should be born inside the ‘Ferrari’ athletics facility. After the renunciation by the company that had won the contract because due to the increase in raw materials it would have had to work at a loss in practice, the Municipality has decided not to proceed for the moment with a new assignment of the works. In all likelihood, in fact, no company could accept to carry out the intervention with that budget, and so while waiting to find a more adequate financial endowment in the budget, the Biffoni junta has decided to review the project as a whole. The boxing gym, in fact, was initially designed without changing rooms, deciding to rely on those already existing within the facility, now reserved for athletics. A solution that, however, is no longer viable because athletics saw a boom in membership during the Covid period. Thus the spaces are no longer sufficient to accommodate boxers in the current changing rooms. Changing projects and increasing costs naturally takes a very long time, and therefore the boxing world will still have to wait before being able to count on the new gym. “I’m really sorry that the times are destined to lengthen”, explained the city councilor Luca Vannucci (in the photo) in the municipal sports commission. “But at the moment there are no other solutions on the pitch. The risk is in fact that of creating situations of difficult coexistence as has already happened in the past in other structures. However, the good news is that with the funds of the Pnrr we will be able to redevelop the second floor of the gym in via Roma, which in this way will be able to return to being dedicated to boxing athletes “. The problem to be solved remains that of the very tight deadlines: the Pnrr calls provide for deadlines for the month of June 2023 for the award of the construction site and that of December 2026 for the conclusion of the intervention. Running won’t be easy.


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