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Brad Pitt

The actor provided details of his best intimate experience during one of his movies.

Brad Pitt is one of the sexiest celebrities in Hollywood and throughout his more than 30-year career, the actor can boast of having starred in many hot moments on the big screen. But of all of them, there is one that Brad remembers with special fondness.

In an interview for W Magazine, the 59-year-old star recounted what is your favorite intimate scene while reviewing his various film works. Despite the fact that the interpreter began his acting career at the end of the 80s, Pitt continues in the industry positioned as one of the Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

The actor made special reference to the dallas seriesin which he had participations between 1987 and 1988 embodying the character of Randy.

Brad Pitt, the sexiest actor in Hollywood. Photo: I.G.

His best sex scene in fiction

When the actor first appeared on the series in 1987, very few viewers knew him. Television fiction included figures such as Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray. Throughout four episodes, Pitt, only 24 years old, gave life to the boyfriend of Charlie Wade, played by the actress shalane mccall, who at the time was 15 years old. And when remembering, Brad Pitt still likes to remember an explosive love scene in which he starred with the actress, who became his girlfriend in real life, although the love did not last long.

Shalane McCall and Brad Pitt in 1988.

The sex scene that Brad couldn’t forget it took place in a barn. The couple filmed a scene in the hay without much of a script and the interpreters gave themselves up to it, as the famous actor recalls today. “I just went around and had a lot of fun with it,” the actor acknowledged.

While the actor’s film career soared after Dallas, his partner in those years followed a different path, leaving acting in the late ’80s and withdrawing from the public eye.

His new love, Inés de Ramón

Currently, Angelina Jolie’s ex lives the passion in the first person in real life. One year into his sixth decade of life, Pitt is very much in love with his new girlfriend, the jewelry expert Inés de Ramón, with whom he has been in a relationship for several months.

The first time they were photographed together was in mid-November with Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, at a Bono benefit concert at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles.

Inés de Ramón, Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend.

In a series of images that were published by the Daily Mail, they could be seen very happy enjoying the concert while they hugged each other when a more romantic song was played; fact that immediately aroused rumors of romance. Later, she accompanied him to the premiere of his new movie Babylon and to the after party that the whole team organized. “Pitt is clearly very interested in her, since he took her to her premiere,” said a fashion industry source close to De Ramon. And repeating the words of the businesswoman, she revealed that “Brad is very sweet” and that they share plans together.

For its part, the actor’s environment assures that the couple “he is very happy”. And although it is not yet a formal relationship, he feels comfortable and they have fun together. “Brad enjoys hanging out with Inés and they hang out when they’re not busy. Inés is fun and sociable. They have a great time together. They make appointments alone, but also in a group with friends,” confirmed the witness.

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