Camila Cabello killed the Face Gem trend at Rock In Rio 2022


From her recent all-purple strappy black bikini dress, Selena Quintanilla set the mood; a nostalgic denim-on-denim ensemble in her floral bow at this year’s Met Gala – Camila Cabello is the queen to serve up some major looks. And her last makeup moment that seriously shone on stage for her Rock In Rio performance? A golden fold, painted by means of expertly placed, cohesive, colored gemstones – and it was then good.

Created by Patrick Ta, one of the game’s top celebrity makeup artists who’s worked with Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian Barker, and Madelyn Cline (to name a few), Cabello’s glam featured heavy blushing on the cheeks, with the same matching mauve shade all over the eyelid and on her lips for a gorgeous monochromatic vibe. And while I was seriously obsessed with her hip-length mermaid hair, sun-kissed brown tresses, rhinestone-cut bend was truly the star of the show IMO. And while Ta hasn’t revealed a product breakdown yet, there’s some serious dimension to the rhinestones, with yellow, white and brown tones used, and it’s highly likely he’s dipped into ultra-pigmented products from her own makeup collection, Patrick Ta Beauty (which is stocked at Sephora, ICYWW).

All glamor aside, Cabello is truly a Obligate, and inspires so many with her approach to mental health awareness, her inherent vulnerability with her followers and fans, and the importance she places on inner beauty above all else. And as a fellow Latina with Cuban roots, it’s truly refreshing to see a woman so young, yet so grounded in reality and grounded in her power.


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