Cardi B teaches you how to change a diaper with (very) long nails… Nathalie Marquay “talks” to Jean-Pierre Pernaut…

May 18, 2022

Hilary Duff poses nude on the cover of ‘Women’s Health’

Hilary Duff poses in the simplest device on the latest cover of Women’s Health ! A “scary” course for the actress and singer, who revealed the snapshot on Instagram. Luckily for her, Women’s Health had a lovely, all-female team.” An experience that made her feel “strong and beautiful”, and allowed her to laugh, “taking all these poses without my mom jeans, high waisted”.

The theme of this issue being “the body”, “redefining strength, power, growth and presence”, Hilary Duff is right in it!

Cardi B proves you can change a diaper with long, pointy fingernails

Nathalie Marquay “talks” with Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Nathalie Marquay revealed in Do not touch My TV that she continued to communicate with her late husband, Jean-Pierre Pernaut. And according to him, the former presenter of the JT answers him.

“It’s a stupid thing but I’m talking to him. I tell him that I hoped to be up to the task for the children’s studies, it’s expensive but we’ll manage. Afterwards, I go into the kitchen and I hear a voice telling me “go to the library”. I go there, I take a book and there was 500 euros in cash in it. Something crazy, ”she reveals, adding a touch of ecumenism to her remarks.

“I say that it is no coincidence, we all meet up there afterwards, whether we are Jewish, Muslim, Catholic,” she continues.

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