Carl F. Bucherer gets multicolored with this jewel that you are going to love

Fusing the deliciousness of the past and the vividness of the future might sound like a complex task, however, the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise He does it without major complications.

Despite its 135-year history, the Swiss watchmaker clearly remains focused on pushing the boundaries of modern watchmaking with its launches in 2023. The year began with the launch of its impressive Capsule Collection with striking black editions of the brand’s five most popular watches, and now it continues with the latest iteration of its Tourbillon Double Peripheral Handle.

this clock of limited edition that seems destined to give new energy to the brand, boasts a 18-carat rose gold case framed by a full spectrum bezel containing 40 baguette cut gemsas tsavorites, sapphires and rubies.

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Each gemstone (naturally sourced and naturally colored) is unique and has been painstakingly selected to ensure that each one blends seamlessly with the next. This challenge was made even more difficult with the index marks of additional gemstones on the black sunray dial that exactly match the corresponding stones on the bezel. The rose gold-plated hands complement the case, while the black hybrid rubber strap completes the dynamic look.

A celebration of modern life

As such, the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise is a contemporary landmark that represents the sheer diversity of modern life, created to reflect the mindset of today’s men and their pursuit of passions, at work and in life: uninhibited, open-minded, with the potential of every challenge. In mind, the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise’s celebration of color is impossible to classify as one thing or the other. In nature, a rainbow is a metaphor for the realization of our dreams and this unique clock tells us that paradise is all around us, whatever our definition of it.

Carl F Bucherer

The details taken care of to the maximum in the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise.

Beyond its striking design, this is also one of the best watches for Carl F Bucherer and an expression of the supreme finesse of CFB watchmakers.

As Double Peripheral which is, incorporates two of the Peripheral technologies characteristic of the brand in his movement of 33 rubies: an automatic winding system and a “floating” tourbillon cage. The shockproof tourbillon, which is not mounted on the main plate of the movement or attached to a superimposed bridge, is peripherally supported by three ceramic ball bearings and appears to float in space, a complication that this 2023 will be one of the most prominent in the world of watchmaking.

Limited to just 18 pieces, the Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise was released this weekend.

inspired by nature

The 40mm watch de CFB is updated with an injection of natural color, with circular brushed dials in blue, salmon, brown and green, all with a black small seconds hand; and silver-white and black dials with black and silver-white small seconds hands, respectively. They all show up in stainless steel cases with hybrid rubber strapand represent a lighter, brighter, more colorful and contemporary future for CFB.

Carl F Bucherer

High quality efficiency.

With a peripherally mounted self-winding systemthe small size of the watch makes it the perfect accessory for urban exploits, as well as a practical companion for other adventures. As a travel companion, the Peripheral way reflects the reality of modern life.

The new Carl F. Bucherer Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral Paradise It is priced at $152,000 (more than 2,874,000 Mexican pesos at current exchange rates) and, as we said before, it is available in a limited edition of only 18 copies. For more information and to purchase this exceptional piece, visit the website of Carl. F. Bucherer.

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