carried out on the count, the circular of the Ministry of Health

Turn on the Covid bulletin: change the method of counting hospitalized patients. The circular of the Ministry of Health

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The circular of the Ministry of Health establishes the new rules for the count of admissions of Covid positive patients. Accepting the request of the Regions, the ministry has decided that Covid positives hospitalized for other reasons will no longer be included in the patient count.

This decision therefore involves a recalculation of the percentages of beds occupied in the medical area and in intensive care by Covid patients, with consequent repercussions also on the passage of color.

Covid Bulletin, changes in the count of admissions

Basically, hospitalized patients who have undergone a Covid test and positive results, if asymptomatic, will be counted as a Covid case but not included in the total number of hospitalized for Covid. The safety of patients will obviously remain guaranteed, according to the principle of separation of paths and isolation areas.

There is no news regarding the definition of the Covid case: the admitted positives “must be traced as cases and communicated to the existing surveillance systems”, reads the circular.

New Covid bulletin, since it changes

The decision will take effect from February 1, 2022, when the wording “Covid patients hospitalized for different causes” will appear in the bulletin, which will therefore be separated from the other hospitalizations. Until then, there will be a note in the general notes to distinguish patients hospitalized for other reasons.

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Covid Bulletin, the debate among experts

The debate on the changes to the bulletin was opened by the infectious disease specialist of San Martino di Genova Matteo Bassetti and it took off in the following days, involving undersecretaries and members of the CTS. The hypothesis of a weekly bulletin has emerged, as opposed to the daily bulletin, which according to some would return a distorted image of the pandemic.

The microbiologist also intervened on the subject in these hours Andrea Crisanti, which at Agorà on Rai Tre reaffirmed the importance of the daily bulletin.

ChrysantsPhoto source: ANSA

The microbiologist Andrea Crisanti

“Since we are in an epidemic that affects all of us, I think that, for transparency, we must know everything, because all of us must be able to evaluate the measures that are being taken. Giving numbers only on inpatients and deaths practically means hiding an important part of the truth, ”Crisanti said during the broadcast.

Ecdc Covid map January 13, "maximum risk" for Italy: the new colors

Photo source: ANSA

Ecdc Covid map January 13, “maximum risk” for Italy: the new colors

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