César Bono in hospital, had 9 heart attacks and now we are worried

The famous actor and comedianCésar Bono had to go to the emergency hospital, being transferred to a hospital in the Mexico City where he is recovering, the veteran has already had nine heart attacks in the past.

The information about his current situation is scarce so far, last night he was commenting on social networks that he had lost his life, of course all rumors that were generated by not knowing what is really happening to him.

The interpreter offranky Rivers” on “Neighbors” had been having complications from Health recently, going through cerebral infarcts and also its contagion with the world disease.

According to information very close to his daughter, the famous from 71 years is very bad physically and emotionally, after what happened with Octavian Ocana he had been very depressed.

At the moment he is being cared for by the best specialists who will be in charge of helping him as far as they can, and in the meantime donations of vital liquid are being requested through social networks, where his fans have had the opportunity to communicate to support him in the Spanish hospital in Mexico City.

The entertainment creator seems to be in a complex place in his life, his fans do not stop worrying and express on social networks the desire they have for him to recover soon, remember that it was in 2018 where he had nine continuous heart attacks, one in the heart and 8 in the brain.

Cesar Bono/Instagram

César Bono is in the hospital, his family worries about his physical and emotional health.

Despite the fact that at that time César Bono had to use a cane and a wheelchair to get around, he overcame himself and then focused on continuing to work, he was even in the theater and always enjoying his great passion.

The celebrity has been in various interviews recently expressing that he is not afraid of losing his life, assuring that he is ready for when the time comes, hopefully this is not it, that he can recover and return to continue doing what he likes so much in his carrer.

We will have to remain very aware of this situation, in Show News we will share the news regarding the case and of course also other news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and more.

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