Chris Brown Explains Why Ghostwriters Are Suitable For R&B Singers, But Not Rappers

There are many ways to judge and classify an artist of hip hop. Whether it’s their lyrics, their flow or their rhythm, these are criteria for classifying rappers.

Ghostwriters are more suitable for R&B than Hip-hop according to Chris

Since the inception of the now industry-leading hip-hop genre, whether or not an artist writes their own rhymes has been a hotly debated topic. According Chris Brownit’s important for rappers, but not so much for singers.

“It depends on the artist. From a hip-hop perspective, if you stick to your business and rap and do your sh*t, we don’t want to hear about somebody else stealing” did he declare on the show Drink Champs. “Man, that’s hard, that n*gga wrote it for him,” he added with a laugh. “Why are we listening to you then? We should listen to this n*gga! »

breezy then explained why this is accepted in R&B and not in the Rap. “Because not everyone can sing. I always said it like that, didn’t I? Because I never discredit the authors who write on my album. I have many co-authors and we do certain things. But that’s how it is: they can write it, who’s going to sing it like me? So at the end of the day, you can write beautiful things that get overlooked because they don’t sound good.”

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