Consumers of aesthetic medicine, increasingly younger

The average age of access to aesthetic medicine treatments is rejuvenated by going from 35 to 20 years. The growing interest in improving the physical appearance of consumers has meant that in 2021 nearly 900,000 treatments will be carried out.

Younger consumers of aesthetic medicine. EFE/Fernando Mexia

Achieving natural beauty, delaying skin aging, feeling better about oneself, improving self-esteem…these are the main reasons why the number of consumers who decide to undergo aesthetic medicine treatments has increased.

The services offered by aesthetic medicine continue to revolutionize the social landscape and are the order of the day. The Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) has carried out the studyDimensioning and socioeconomic impact of aesthetic medicine in Spain” in 2021.

This is a report that includes the main aspects of aesthetic medicine: the most used types of treatments and new trends, the profile of consumers and their motivations, as well as some obstacles that arise in the profession.

Aesthetic medicine: what do we prefer?

The field of aesthetic medicine is very varied and its interest has not only grown in patients, but also in medical professionals, and that is that 15% more doctors (compared to 2019) decide to train in this health sector .

Of the 871,525 aesthetic treatments that were carried out in 2021, the 72% belong to facials, the 22% a body treatments and the 6% a other types of treatments.

The rise of aesthetic medicine continues to grow, increasing a 20.2% the number of health centers authorized by the Ministry of Healthwith the license U.48to practice aesthetic medicine, reaching the 6,035 accredited centers.

In addition, in 2021, the authorized centers presented an annual turnover of more than €3.5 billion.

Spain has become one of the destinations leaders in health tourismthis type of treatment being one of the main reasons for international visitors to travel.

Consumer profile

According to the study, 4 out of 10 Spaniards have resorted to aesthetic medicine services at some point, and most undergo these treatments at least once a year.

As for the profile of consumers, a 71.8% corresponds to womenwhile a 28.2% are mens.

Young people increasingly access before the consumption of aesthetic medicine. While a few years ago the average age to start these treatments was 35 years old, now it is 20 years.

“The use of social networks, the possibility of using filters and the appearance of applications that allow changing the shape of the face have contributed to generating new needs in young patients,” he explains. Sergio Fernández, doctor and second vice president of SEME.

Types profiles of patients or consumers, according to the study:

  • sporadic senior: It is usually made up of women in their forties who come for personal well-being.
  • young debutante: generally made up of women under forty, they see aesthetic medicine as a “whim” and usually take advantage of promotions when they go to these services.
  • Natural beauty: with a higher proportion of men, they seek results based on naturalness.
  • recurring appearance: They are forty-year-old women who frequently resort to these treatments to feel healthier.
  • Self esteem: made up of women between 30 and 50 years old, treatments are usually carried out between one and two times a year, the objective is to increase their self-esteem.
Aesthetic medicine consumers
Body treatments are the second most demanded. EFE/Paco Torrente

What aesthetic treatments are the most demanded?

The main motivation shared by all aesthetic medicine consumers is to look good and feel good about themselves.

The treatments most in demand are:

  • facial treatments: the 42% corresponds to Botulinum toxinthe 32% a hyaluronic acid and the twenty% to treatments for improve skin quality. The most used is still peeling and, in men, acne treatment.
  • Body treatments: the photoepilation is the most used. In general, women get an average of three different body treatments and men two.
  • hair treatments: the laser treatments They are the most demanded. Men usually go for grafts and transplants, while women go for laser and mesotherapy.
  • antiaging treatments: women start with this type of treatment anti-aging at 41 years old. On the other hand, men at 38 years of age, since aging is more pronounced.
Aesthetic medicine consumers
As a result of the pandemic, gaze-related treatments increased. EFE / Raúl Caro

Main problems faced by aesthetic medicine

The main problem that aesthetic medicine has to deal with is the professional intrusiveness. The supplanting of functions related to aesthetic medicine is still present, posing a threat to the health of patients.

Performing this type of treatment with unqualified personnel can lead to infections, necrosis of the skin, contamination with communicable diseases such as HIV or hepatitis Cand even the Loss of sight.

“From the SEME we strongly insist that patients check and ask if it is a U.48 clinic before undergoing any treatment”, he mentions Juana Deltell, doctor and member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Since 2018, the SEME has received and processed more than 450 complaints.

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