Controversial driver calls Andrew Garfield a “liar” and sends him a tremendous message

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Los Angeles United States.- During the afternoon of this Friday, August 19, a controversial host of USA recalled a revealing interview with the British actor, Andrew Garfieldto whom he sent a tremendous message in front of his more than 77 million followers, through his official Twitter account. TwitterDo you want to know who it is? So, do not stop reading, because you will find out in the following lines.

There is no doubt that Andrew Garfield has managed to make a name for himself in Hollywood since he debuted in Boy A, in 2007; however, the tapes that gave him worldwide fame were Social network of the year 2010, the saga of amazing man Spider, To a mana film that earned him a nomination for Oscar; and the musical Netflix, tick tick boom. Although all the previous films gave him a privileged position in the film industry, cinemaIt was the third installment of Spider-Man: No. Way Homethe one that made everyone realize what a great actor he really is.

Andrew Garfield in ‘No Way Home’

This fact this topic was taken up by the controversial American driver, Ellen Degenereswho during this Friday, August 19 published a past interview with Andrew Garfield, spoke precisely about the way in which the actor lied to all his followers and to the press for 2 years in a row, this in order to hide his participation in the film starring Tom Hollandin said broadcast, the ex-boyfriend of Emma Stone He revealed that he felt quite good about lying to everyone, since, in this way, the surprise would be much greater for the fans of the saga.

In that interview, Andrew stated that at the time, the only people who knew what would happen were his fathers and his brotherFrom then on, he made sure that even his closest friends were unaware of his performance in the movie. marvel universe. The famous declared that the planning of this event was similar to that of a surprise birthday party for everyone and recognized that it was satisfying to see the reaction of the people in the cinema.

Andrew Garfield arrives at ‘No Way Home’

But… what was the reason why Ellen Degeneres remember this event with Garfield? It turns out that this Friday, Andrew is celebrating his birthday number 39, so he took the opportunity to send him a congratulatory message, in which he hinted that he hoped that all the people around him would give him a surprise partyas good as the one he and Tobey Maguire they organized all the fans of the Spiderman several months ago.

Sources: Tribune, Twitter @TheEllenShow

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