Cruz Azul’s most offensive lineup for the Second Round of the Quarterfinals against Tigres


Cruz Azul is forced to beat Tigres in the Volcán to stay alive in Clausura 2022, so it will have to show a much more offensive scheme for the Quarterfinal Second Leg.

Santiago Giménez would have to be in a more offensive lineup for Cruz Azul.
© Blue CrossSantiago Giménez would have to be in a more offensive lineup for Cruz Azul.

Time is up, experiments are over and there will be no other chance: it’s win or die this Sunday on the field of University Stadium. Cruz Azul is bound to beat Tigres for at least two goals in the party of 2022 Clausura Quarterfinal Second Legafter losing 1-0 in the Ida duelin it Aztec stadium.

That is why there will no longer be error range on the court, no draws that serveso the premise is simple: John Reynoso must search among his entire repertoire of strategies the most offensive in search of piercing the feline networks and consummate the epic comeback in it Volcanoso it would be expected that he would go out and propose the meeting with their most powerful players in attack.

Cruz Azul: Casualties against Tigres

Unfortunately, it is almost a fact that Cruz Azul will be without its star playmaker and one of his most skilled men on offense: Charly Rodríguez, because he still would not be ready to return to the courts for his foot injury. While Paul Aguilar He is still in doubt as to whether he can be present at the headquarters this Sunday at the VolcanoAlso due to injury.

Blue Cross vs. Tigres: The most offensive lineup

In this way, and despite the fact that Jesús Corona has already been present at the last calls, Sebastian Jurado would defend the arc again Machineaccompanied at the central by Julio Dominguez and Luis Abram who, despite having suffered a broken nose, would be ready to play the match; in the right lane should be John Escobar and on the left Adrian Aldrete.

In a proposal for 4-4-2 with up five players on offense, could be Erik Lyra in containment, on the right flank Uriel Antuna and to the left Christian Taboin addition to Ignatius Rivero doing double duty, charging into the attack when required.

Finally, the chess player should take the risk again leadwith a scheme very similar to the one he used in the second half against the university students in the Ida game, and with the same men, because he took out Rafa Baca and Iván Morales, and entered Angel Romero Already Santiago Gimenez instead, with what Blue Cross generated many more arrivals and came close to leveling the score.

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