Daily coupon draw for Thursday, February 22, 2024.

The Thursday, February 22, 2024 ONCE Daily Coupon drawing will take place around 9:30 PM ET. The lucky number will receive 35,000 euros.

The ONCE Daily Coupon Draw is the most traditional lottery of all ONCE draws. From Monday to Thursday, give away a prize of ¤500,000 to number plus series and 49 other five-figure prizes worth £35,000. In addition, it is distributed Payment, the equivalent of 36,000 euros per year for 25 years.

In addition, from 2022 the game has a new prize mechanic as it is played back and forth: 450 prizes of 250 euros for the first four digits and another 450 prizes for the last four; 9,000 prizes of 25 euros in the case of the last three or first three; and the same for the first and last two (€6), with a double refund of €2 being made for the first or last winner’s figure.

The first draw was carried out independently for each province of Spain. Tickets began to cost from 10 to 25 pesetas cents. The numbering of the coupon tickets themselves consisted of a three-row number with a series of five digits. Of every 100 euros, 55 are returned to clients, and more than 37 euros go to social issues and, first of all, to the employment of people with disabilities.

In addition, starting in 1985, the prizes for the weekend draws were changed: on Fridays there is a new ONCE Cuponazo tournament with a prize of nine million euros, and on Saturday and Sunday the ONCE weekend Sueldazo are played. one thousand euros plus five thousand euros per month for 20 years.

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