Daniel Alves’ lawyer says that “there is room” to release the player after seeing seven hours of recordings

Daniel Alves remains in prison in Spain after being accused of rape

In an interview with the Catalan newspaper The vanguardthe lawyer of Daniel Alves, Cristóbal Martellsaid that “there is room” for the Spanish courts to grant provisional freedom to the player, who has been in jail since January 20 after being accused of rape.

According to martellthe analysis of more than seven hours of recordings of the events that occurred in the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona, ​​​​shows that “there is space for the player’s defense.”

According to the newspaper, the lawyer “showed few doubts about the Justice granting provisional freedom to the Brazilian.”

Last monday, martell and his team filed an appeal in Barcelona to try to get Daniel Alves from prison, where he has been since he was held without the possibility of bail for being accused of raping a 23-year-old woman on December 30 of last year.

The 24-page document stresses that “there is no risk of flight”, stressing that the right-back “will guarantee his stay in Spain for all the time necessary for the organization of the trial”, according to reports The vanguard.

To try to obtain the provisional release of alvesthe defense proposes that the athlete wear an electronic anklet and appear in court every day to show that he does not plan to leave Barcelona.

Also, Daniel he would hand over his passports (both Brazilian and Spanish) and accept an order not to approach or communicate with the accuser.

The Dani Alves case

Daniel Alves He is charged with sexual assault. The crime would have occurred between December 30 and 31 in a nightclub called Sutton, located in Barcelona.

The player, who was in Spain to spend Christmas before leaving for Mexico to return to training cougarswas denounced by a woman who claimed that he had committed the crime.

According to the Catalan chain antenna3who has had access to the recordings of the nightclub’s security cameras, there is a video that shows that the player and the alleged victim remained for a while in the bathroom.

The pictures show Daniel Alves leaving the bathroom first. Then the young woman leaves with a certain anxiety attack. The woman was assisted by an agent of the Mossos d’Esquadra, who initiated the protocol for cases of sexual assault.

Daniel Alves He testified on January 5 in a Barcelona court and denied the accusation.

The former player of cougarsthe team that terminated its contract with the carioca, gave an interview earlier this month to the Spanish broadcaster antenna3 and said he was at the club with other people, but denied sexually assaulting the woman accusing him.

“I was dancing and having fun without invading anyone’s space,” she said. “I don’t know who that lady is… How could I do that to a woman? No,” said the Brazilian.

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