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It’s been 17 years since we first saw Daniel Craig play the most famous spy on the big screen, becoming the James Bond of today’s generation. However, with ”No Time To Die”, Craig left everything ready to say goodbye to the legendary character, who was able to play him for around five films.

Craig’s James Bond completely changed the history of the spy, bringing a totally unique formula from his previous interpretations, starting with the premiere of ”Casino Royale” in 2006. Having different directors in each of his installments as Sam Mendes Y Marc Forstereach installment brought something new, but we were always reminded why James Bond is such a classic character and why Craig was the perfect actor to bring him into the modern age.

With Daniel Craig ending his legacy as Agent 007, it’s the perfect time to review the actor’s five films and see which one ranked as the best of them all.

5. 007: Quantum (2008)

Film directed by Marc Forster and which was known for being the first sequel to a James Bond film of all time. The film picks up the story minutes after what happened in ”Casino Royale”, beginning with a car chase scene. Here we see how Bond and M, played by Judi Denchinterrogate the terrorist Mr. White, realizing that the mission is compromised.

The famous spy will have to stop Dominic Greenea member of a large criminal organization called Quantum that seeks to gain control of Bolivia’s water supply.

Forster’s direction delivers perhaps the most arty Bond film, actually springing from a refreshing change of pace. Although the actor Mathieu Amalric gives a good performance as Greene, he doesn’t quite come across as a Bond villain, with the audience seeing him as a bad match for Craig’s enigmatic portrayal.

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4. 007: Specter (2012)

Second highest grossing film of the entire James Bond franchise in cinema. ”007: Spectre” directed by Sam Mendes, shows action-packed scenes like the fluid opening set in Mexico City or the scene in a helicopter on a snowy part of a mountain. The film also shows us the actress Lea Seydoux as Dr. Madeline Swann, Bond’s love interest who achieves great chemistry in scenes with Craig.

Many fans consider that the film has an inconsistency in its history, since “Spectre” does the task of connecting Craig’s other films by putting all his villains as part of the Specter society, when previously it had not been mentioned in previous installments. .

3. No Time To Die (2021)

Craig’s last film as James Bond to be released. Director, Cary Fukunaga, unfolds the backstory of Madeleine Swann, with Seydoux returning to play the role, in the franchise’s first flashback sequence and one of the film’s highlights.

From there, he apparently betrays Bond and sends him into self-imposed isolation in Jamaica. Lured back into the game by Felix Leither, Bond faces big trouble when M has replaced him with the consummate professional, Nomi played by Lashana Lynch.

Blofeld, an enemy of previous installments, somehow designs an attempt on Bond’s life on a strange evening in Havana, where 007 joins Paloma, played by Ana De Armas, where we can see his great energy in the scenes together with Craig. “No Time to Die” has its flaws, but it also has some real surprises, including possibly being the only entry in the franchise where Bond isn’t seen seducing a random woman in the middle of the story.

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2. Casino Royale (2006)

The first film with Daniel Craig as James Bond. In an attempt to reinvent the 007 agent movies, Martin Campbell to give a new air to the franchise. This is how ”Casino Royale” broke new ground for Bond movies by being as cheeky and engaging a character as he was fifteen years ago.

Having Judi Dench as M was a key point in giving Bond the stern mother figure he so badly needs. With the role of Vesper Lynd, Eva Green matches Craig scene by scene, giving much more to the typical stereotype of a pretty woman that the James Bond franchise had been handling in previous installments. It was certainly a great start to the revival of the Agent 007 franchise on the big screen.

1. 007: Operation Skyfall (2012)

The best movie starring Craig as 007 is also considered by many to be the best Bond movie of all time. Directed by Sam Mendes and written by Neal Purvis Y Robert Wadeas well as by the writer John Logan”Operation Skyfall” opens with Bond and Field Agent Eve (Naomie Harris) on the hunt for a stolen hard drive containing the identities of all the undercover NATO agents.

The film opens with a scene in which Bond is shot and left for dead, only to later be seen “enjoying death” in the Caribbean. Bond decides to return to duty after learning that a bombing in London leaves MI6 facilities vulnerable. M approves of his return to active duty and comes face to face with his latest nemesis, Silva, with an endearingly creepy performance from M. Javier Bardemwho has a personal vendetta against M.

“Operation Skyfall” helps fill in Bond’s backstory, revealing his childhood traumas and seeing the character beyond a “pretty face,” with this film marking the high point of these efforts, as that Mendes and company strike the perfect balance between bringing back familiar elements of Bond and exploring new territory for the character.

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