Daughter of Marco Antonio Solís dazzles us in a beach dress

Being the daughter of the singer Marco Antonio Solís, Marla Solishas become a very popular young woman on social networks, in addition, she is following in her father’s footsteps by launching herself as a singer, she already has a first musical release called “Stay”addressing the urban pop genre.

His sisters Beatriz and Alison are also participating in the world of music, the first with regional Mexican and the second singing Indie pop in English, the daughters of “Buki” They show that talent does come from the family.

The beautiful 21-year-old girl assures that this song is part of an album that she will release soon, although she still cannot assure us of the exact date, which is why those who are already her fans are waiting for an announcement about it.

However, as an excellent way to wait for her, the young woman decided to upload a photograph in which we can see how she is vacationing on the Italian island, Capria place where your family was together enjoying the sun, the water and excellent activities in impressive places.

In the entertainment pieces posted on her official Instagram we could see that she was also sailing on a yacht, getting to know beautiful natural landscapes, wearing beautiful sets of very elegant clothes and of course, something that is essential in her life.


For that, it is very important to keep social networks well fed, with very nice photographs that manage to attract the attention of Internet users and keep them all aware of what is coming up, also taking the opportunity to thank us for being there to support her in her musical project, one of Your biggest dreams will surely bear fruit.

Marla Solís has an impressive figure that she has surely taken care of a lot, through good nutrition and exercise routines, in the comments we can see how Internet users express how impressed they are with her beauty, dedicating their time to also write some compliments and compliments.

In Show News we will continue to share everything interesting about this celebrity and many others, the best news from the world of entertainment, entertainment and much more.

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