Daughter of Niurka Marcos defends her from criticism for doing Santeria to Laura Bozzo | VIDEO

When things seem to calm down inside “The House of Celebrities 2” there is always a small fuse that ignites passion and controversy at the slightest provocation. In this case, the Niurka’s daughter, Romina Marcoscame out to defend her mother after some of her classmates criticized her for being faithful to the santeria and confess that he sent perform “a job” for Laura Bozzo.

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Some days ago, the Cuban held out her hand to the Peruvian so that he would be successful in life and in love and so that he would not leave the house, well Niurka considers that Bozzo is the one who attracts joy to that place and prefers to have it close to continue generating controversy. That time, Laura refused to let her will practice witchcraft but after a few minutes I accept.

“I’m going to make you a jujujaja right now, as they say urbanly, a witchcraft,” said the star.

“You’ve seen, since I came in here, ‘I’m going to win.’ jester, the wild card of the house, joy. The public is going to save you because the house, instead of spitting on you, is going to suck you in. You can’t go out because you have to correct your crazy head,” Niurka recited .

“Mocking Laura”, “it’s disrespectful”, “God is with Laura”, “I can’t believe this”, Laura’s followers wrote on Instagram. Other fans, less intense, took the opportunity to leave comments such as “disgusting”, “that’s already crap”, “with gorilla mucus and everything”, in reference to the saliva of the showgirl.

Romina Marcos defends her mother

This situation made the Niurka’s daughter, Romina Marcoswent out on social networks to defend her mother’s beliefs by ensuring that she does not harm anyone.

“It’s happening. He goes and asks his religion. That’s religion for my mom. That is why he is so fond of his religion, because it has been shown to him over the years, because they have taken care of us and for the people who do not know, who do not investigate, who have no idea, well yes.

Romina assured that her mother is faithful to the Santeria but he would never do evil, nor work that harms third parties. The young woman said that her mother is controversial but a woman respectful of the beliefs of others.


They accuse Niurka of doing santeria to Laura Bozzo; would be a job of domination | VIDEO

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