David Martínez, the Global Combat champion who studies Medicine

David Martínez, current Global Combat Bantamweight World Champion.  |  Photo: Courtesy Scott Hirano/Global Combat

David Martínez, current Global Combat Bantamweight World Champion. | Photo: Courtesy Scott Hirano/Global Combat

Miguel David Martinez Aceves He is a man of challenges, but his determination is above all. At 24, he is the Bantamweight Champion of Global CombatHispanic company mixed martial arts. In addition, he built an impeccable legacy in the kick boxing and is about to be titled Surgeon by UNAM. always want more.

Martinez fuel its momentum with glory. He knows that the only way to get it is through continuous work.

“I always liked the image of the strategists. I wanted to represent someone who would dedicate his entire life to trainingto defense of his country, to be present to do what is needed. I want to convey that to people,” he told yahoo sportsabout how his nickname of ‘The Black Spartan‘ symbolizes an allegory of his journey.

David Martínez, current Global Combat Bantamweight World Champion, hits Gianni Vázquez.  (Scott Hirano/Global Combat)

David Martínez, current Global Combat Bantamweight World Champion, hits Gianni Vázquez. (Scott Hirano/Global Combat)

His parents, Ricardo Martinez Ramirez Y Rachel Aceves Martinezserve as his coaches since he was two years. Both specialists in karateThey drove their way to success. They closely followed his growth in school Toshinkai-kan Nurserieslocated in Ecatepec, State of Mexico, until he became a black belt. They have supported him in tatamithe quadrilateralthe cage and the hospitals.

Melissa Martinez, her older sister, has also forged her path. She is known as “Super Mely” in the industry of combat sports; now highlighted in UFC. From whom would you get better advice at each engagement? Neither of them gets tired of winning. The passion they share causes a mutual impulse towards new achievements. The triumph of one is the satisfaction of the other.

“My sister has always been my teammate. When we were younger we were in a system pound for pound. We had to fight in the same division, each in its category. He always told her that she was going to beat him (in qualifying) and she was going to beat me. Since childhood we have had friendly rivalry. We win world championships, one pulls the other. It inspires me to improve and keep improving myself,” he stated.

At the age of 15, Martinez plunged fully into kick boxing. Following his family allowed him to consolidate himself in the ring. He perfected his forehandthe hallmark that still characterizes him during his contests in Global Combat; enhanced his strength by executing kneesas well as body kicks Y to the head. It became an off-roader, a threat for anyone in front of him.

The conquests they did not take long to arrive. On a national level, she has repeated as absolute monarchin the K1 category of less than 63.5 kilogramssince 2016. How many competitors say they have at Mexico At his feet? He could, he has the authority to do it; still, he praises the modesty and the constancy as the architects of his feat.

did not fail at National Kickboxing Federation (FENAKIB), neither to the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE). He returned from World Cups of Budapest 2017 Y Sarajevo 2019 with a couple of medals on his chest. She reached the silver in Hungary and the bronze in Bosnia and Herzegovina. with a couple of pan american trophiescomplemented his showcase.

In July 2022 he won the World Games of birmingham in United States. Yes, those who bring together sports that do not yet have the olympic label. Five years earlier, she participated in the edition that was held in Wroclaw, Polandwhere he ended up in Fifth place. The experience catapulted him to the place he deserved. He was dyed Prayed after standing out from eight competitors; today he dreams of olympics.

“Represent to Mexico in the Olympic Games It is one of my great aspirations. I liked to see taekwondo Y nailed. I was excited to see Ana Gabriela Guevara, Usain Bolt Y Michael Phelps. It would fulfill a personal and family dream, I am very excited about the possibility that the kick boxing be considered a olympic sport. I would like to fight for that opportunity in the future,” she stated.

From breaking bones like ‘The Black Spartan’ to studying Medicine at UNAM

Along with its development in the kick boxing alternated in the mixed martial arts and the Medicine. He polished his skills in Bonebreakers Team and studied for Surgeon on the Faculty of Higher Studies Iztacala of the UNAM. It is proof that the art of hurt can be intertwined with the ability to heal the body in the operating room, without losing the professionalism in each item.

He stated that, due to his link with the physical, he intends to specialize in Orthopedics. She would be a great tool so that the athletes continue to train at one hundred and know how to fight longer. Help to improve limbs and rehabilitate them. In this there is always nose bleeds, sprains, sagging shoulders and knees. I have to take my exam and continue with the specialty, ”she asserted.

David Martínez, current Global Combat Bantamweight World Champion, hits the head of Alan Cantú.  (Scott Hirano/Global Combat)

David Martínez, current Global Combat Bantamweight World Champion, hits Alan Cantú’s head. (Scott Hirano/Global Combat)

Martinez excelled in Global Combat during 2018: he immediately revealed his foot explosivenessbecause he knocked out Enrique Barragan. In 2019, he sent to the canvas William Sanchez. 2021 is a year you will never forget; although in April he lost a split decision against Gianni Vazquezreturned in May: the company included it in a fair holder that would define the new banner of the 135 pounds.

He did his undergraduate internship at the Zone 68 General Hospitalbelonging to Mexican Social Security Institutein Ecatepec. Instead of curbing his longing, the medical staff encouraged him to capture the belt. He endorsed it with an amazing victory. He was crowned as Bantamweight World Champion after finishing with three opponentsin a series of crashes, on the same night.

all the IMSS celebrated the feat of his representative, who reflected on the relationship between the Health area and the sports sector: “You must know how to control your mood and you adrenalin. To know breathe, calm down when applying techniques and procedures. In medicine you take care of the lives of others, you try to make sure nothing happens to him; in mixed martial arts it is important to know how to give a show”.

He preached by example in the last official meeting he held. In May, he would defend his medalfor the first time, in front of Frans Mlambo. However, the Irishman suffered a rib injury and was left out of the scene; she replaced him Arthur Vergarathen the duel changed to not holder. The Chilean ruled that he would knock him down in the first round, a fact that heated up the dispute.

Martinez performed with firmnessjust as a good surgeon. He emulated his idol Anderson Silva. He answered her in the most effective way: with a forehand That wiped out his chances. The next October 7will finally expose his scepter. will face Axel “El Charro” Osuna, a dangerous punch fighter. He will try to revalidate why he is The Black Spartanthe ruthless cage warrior that seeks the wellness outside her.


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