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Hugo Lloris, captain and goalkeeper of France, the runner-up team in the world in Qatar 2022, in charge of lifting the 2018 World Cup trophy in Russia and the player with the most appearances with Les Bleus (145), announced his international retirement from the blue team. “It is not easy to announce it, but after 14 years defending this shirt, which I have worn with great pleasure, with pride, duty and a sense of responsibility, I think I have reached the end,” the 36-year-old confessed during an interview with L’Equipe newspaper in Hampstead, the North London neighborhood where he spends his time.

International since 2008, Lloris received the captain’s armband when Laurent Blanc began his time as coach, who replaced Raymond Domenech after the frustration at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The last game of the Tottenham goalkeeper was, precisely, in the historic final against Argentina, at the Lusail stadium, on December 18: after the electric 3-3 win in 120 minutes, the team led by Lionel Messi won 4-2 on penalties. That definition from the twelve steps continues to make noise in Lloris’s head: for the defeat and also for the behavior of Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martínez, with the maneuvers to destabilize the rivals.

This was demonstrated by his strong statements in the aforementioned interview.

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‘I don’t know how to do stupid things in the arc’

Hugo Lloris, French goalkeeper.

“In general, I have not been very successful in my career in this exercise [ningún penal atajado para la selección francesa de 9 lanzados, contra Suiza en la Eurocopa 2021 y contra la Argentina en Qatar]. That didn’t stop me from saving big penalties and I won a few shootouts, but I also lost a lot. Some archers are more successful than others. In fact, There are things that I don’t know how to do, I don’t know how to do stupid things in the goal, obviously destabilize the opponent by playing on the limit, I don’t know how to do it. I’m too rational, too honest to go there. I don’t know how to win like that, although I didn’t want to lose like that either…”, Lloris stated in the French newspaper.

Something curious happened a few days ago. On the first day of the year, Aston Villa, the team in which Dibu Martínez plays, won 2-0 over Tottenham, in London, for the Premier League, only a handful of days after the final in Qatar. Before kick-off, the Spurs and Lions players were waiting in the tunnel to enter the field of play and the world champion goalkeeper came over to greet his French colleague. Lloris greeted him, but an ambiguous feeling remained, because the TV broadcast continued with the image of the Frenchman, who seemed cold and a little uncomfortable with the presence of the Argentine.

In the L’Equipe report, Lloris was asked about the distant meeting with the goalkeeper of the team led by Lionel Scaloni and he replied: “We have to salute Argentina’s victory and say that it was decisive. Later, he was judged enough [a Dibu Martínez] For the celebration, I don’t need to add anything else. During the penalty session itself he used everything he could to destabilize.”.

“Could you do the same in a future penalty shootout?” Was the cross-examination of the representative of the French newspaper. And Lloris affirmed: “Trying to make it happen, looking for achievement, yes. But do it like this [con el estilo particular de Martínez]That’s not me, I can’t”.

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At the time, due to some situations in which he starred, Martínez was the focus of strong criticism from the French press, to the point where the TF1 media chain cataloged him as “the most hated Argentine in France.” At the FIFA awards ceremony, Martínez, awarded the golden glove, took the trophy to his crotch, in a gesture that replicated what he did when he obtained the same recognition at the 2021 Copa América. In France, this was interpreted as a lack of respect, considering that it was a mockery of the losing team in general and its number 10 in particular (Kylian Mbappé), and they classified it as “indecent” and “obscene”.


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