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Last Thursday, the censored Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmachehad a slip when referring to the fugitive former Minister of Transport and Communications John Silva. “I believe that a person who has fled the country has to be found yes or yes, regardless of what I believe or not believe”, told Canal N.

Senmache later clarified that Silva Villegas I would continue in Peru. “Our theory is that this person is here in Peru and we are looking for him and we are locating him. […] I don’t think so [que se haya fugado del país]. All the information that the Police have is that this person is still in the country and we are going to locate him.”he reiterated.

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Statements by Dimitri Senmache about Juan Silva
The Minister of the Interior, Dimitri Senmache, made a mistake when referring to the situation of the former head of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva, saying that “he has fled the country”, but later corrected the sentence. (Video: Channel N)

Like Senmacheother members of the Cabinet, such as Prime Minister Aníbal Torres, and the President of the Republic have been questioned for expressions and statements they have made at public events or before Congress.

Torres’ praise of Hitler

Statements by Aníbal Torres in Huancayo
Statements by Aníbal Torres in Huancayo

During his participation in a Decentralized Council of Ministers in Huancayo, the chief of staff was once again at the center of the controversy for his praise of the dictator Adolf Hitler, the cause of the greatest genocide in history.

“Italy and Germany were the same as us, on one occasion Hitler visits northern Italy, and Mussolini shows him a highway built from Milan to Brescia, Hitler saw this and went to his country and filled it with highways, airports and converted Germany in the first economic power in the world. We have to make an effort, make sacrifices to improve our communication channels”Torres said.

His statement was rejected not only by politicians, the Jewish Association of Peru, and the embassies of Israel and Germany also joined the academic pronouncements.

“Death and terror regimes cannot be a sign of progress. Hitler was responsible for the death of six million Jews, praising him is an offense to the victims of that world tragedy.”spread the Embassy of Israel on its Twitter account.

While the German headquarters claimed that Hitler “He was a fascist and genocidal dictator, in whose name the worst war of all time was carried out from Germany and a genocide of 6 million Jews was committed”.

The condemnation of Torres’ statements also came from the same State. The communicator Sonaly Tuesta, who served as Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture, stated that she was asked to resign from her position for questioning what the Prime Minister said.

“Today I have been asked to resign from the position of Vice Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries of the Ministry of Culture. The reason? Pronounce myself against the Prime Minister’s speech that emulates the genocidal Hitler as a symbol of development. Obviously, I’m leaving office.”he wrote on his Twitter account.

Famine for “idle”

/ Juan Carlos Guzmán Negrini

In the midst of rising food prices and the warning issued by institutions such as the FAO of a possible food emergency, which would affect 15.5 million Peruvians, President peter castle said in an activity that “famine is going to hit the idle”.

A comrade in Amazonas told us in the morning: Mr. President, before we believed in famine, today famine is going to hit only those who don’t work, the idle. And since we are a working people, I believe that we are going to beat famine”, exclaimed the head of state in the Chancay-Huaral valley.

President Castillo’s statement drew a series of criticisms due to the fact that, just a few days before, he had appointed Javier Arce as head of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, although he did not have previous experience in the sector or studies in relations, which was decisive in facing a upcoming food insecurity situation.

Former Economy Minister David Tuesta, in a column published in Tradewrote that the president’s expression not only reflected ignorance, but also indolence. “It seems that the Government has not realized that the inflation suffered by Peruvians has as a backdrop the great world food shortage”published in his column.

Aníbal Torres and the consumption of certain foods

Due to the rise in prices of certain foods, including chicken, the Prime Minister towers He exclaimed that products had to be consumed to replace those that had increased their costs.

Although the price of chicken goes up, but the price of fish goes down, especially horse mackerel, we have to get used to consuming those substitute products that our sea can provide us”, commented at a conference of the Council of Ministers.

His words were described as an error, although the chief of staff avoided referring to his comment in this way. “They want to look for any error from the Government, there is no error here, what has been is a recommendation to the population to replace chicken with fish”He told Canal N.

Aníbal Torres ruled out that his recommendation on the consumption of fish over chicken was a mistake. (N-Channel)

Fear of being “kidnapped”

While in the province of Cotabambas (Apurímac) the social conflict between six communities and the Las Bambas mining company was spreading, in Lima Prime Minister Torres told Congress that he had refused to go to the area for fear of being kidnapped.

Of course I have wanted to hear what the needs of the community are, but they refuse. They want me to go there, where they are up, to go where they can kidnap me. As much as people think I’m not smart, I should have a little bit of intelligence.”, Torres said in May before Parliament.

His words were rejected both by the representatives of the aforementioned communities and by the regional governor of Apurímac, Baltazar Lantarón.

I would say to Dr. Aníbal Torres, Mr. President of the Council of Ministers, we Cotabambinos-Apurimeños, the people of Outer Abambinos who are committed to mining We are not kidnappers, we are peasants who live from the countryside, from our livestock. Therefore, it is unfortunate to hear the back that it gives to this community, to these towns and to the peasants.”, commented Edison Vargas, president of the Fuerabamba community, to Canal N.

For his part, Lantarón regretted that Torres had expressed himself in that way. “Mr. Premier, in Apurimac we are not kidnappers, we are a people of work and entrepreneurship,” manifested.

Silver Bullet”

Héctor Valer announced that he presented his letter of resignation as president of the Council of Ministers.  (Photo: Renzo Salazar / @photo.gec)
Héctor Valer announced that he presented his letter of resignation as president of the Council of Ministers. (Photo: Renzo Salazar / @photo.gec)

Former Prime Minister Héctor Valer said in February of this year that it would depend on President Pedro Castillo if his stay or departure from the PCM became the “first silver bullet” that he would use if Congress denied him confidence. His statements were rejected by parliamentarians because they were considered a threat.

“If they are proven and if all this were true, of course, my moral integrity would compel me to (resign now), but since this is not true and since there is a political background here, I think I will be a tough nut to crack and I will perhaps be, if the President of the Republic believes so, the first silver bullet that Congress will spend, Vale stated.

This rejection came from different groups, including the then official Peru Libre. The newly appointed prime minister was questioned not only for his statements, but also for accusations of family violence. “Particularly, as a congressman, I am not going to give this cabinet a vote of confidence”had advanced Margot Palacios, congresswoman from Peru Libre.

In the same way, other blocks agreed to this decision to deny him confidence due to the appointment of other ministers, such as Wilber Supo in Environment, legislator Kathy Ugarte in Women and Vulnerable Populations, and Alejandro Salas in Culture. Of them, only Salas remained in the Cabinet. After four days, the head of state had to recompose his Council of Ministers and appointed Aníbal Torres as the way out of the crisis.

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