discover how oil from different plants can increase your well-being

What if they told you that you can calm anxiety or alleviate a cold without resorting to any medication? Of course there are cases where gravity involves a drug, but there are others where aromatherapy it may be the solution to your problems.

Aromatherapy consists of providing well-being through essential oils. These are volatile, aromatic and highly concentrated liquids that can be extracted from different parts of the plant: from the leaves, flowers, bark, wood, skin, seeds, berries, resins, bulbs… «The quality will depend on its origin, but They have to be 100% pure to keep what we call the therapeutic grade,” says Carmen Vadillo, marketing and communication manager at Sisen.

The difference with the air fresheners it is that the seconds remain only in the olfactory part, but the essential oils do a therapeutic job.

“Air fresheners can give you memories, but an essential oil, for example lavender, has calming properties for the central nervous system, so it will help you calm emotions, reduce anxiety and sleep better,” explains Vadillo.

And it is that aromas activate emotions. In the limbic system there is an organ that connects aromas with emotions, the amygdala. In this way, smell and the brain are connected, since the brain memorizes different aromas that will be directly related to experiences and emotions. “What aromatherapy does is provide the amygdala and hypothalamus with the right aromas to achieve the right balance,” says the expert.

These essential oils can be used in different ways: only at the olfactory level through a diffuser or a handkerchief to help us inhale, or they can also be used on the skin, as long as diluting them first in a carrier vegetable oil, such as almond or jojoba oil.

“The diffusion of essential oils through an ultrasonic diffuser or nebulizer is an ideal option, since it is a gentle and safe method, while it is still effective,” Vadillo emphasizes. You can create a moment of calm and well-being before going to sleep, fill your office with energy, clean and purify the air, or help your family or colleagues breathe better in times of colds.

You can use lavender oil in the diffuser by adding between 5 and 15 drops and activating it an hour before going to sleep. The expert also recommends another option, which is to add two drops of this oil on your pillow or in a handkerchief next to it to help you slow down and sleep better.

On the other hand, for those mornings in which it is difficult for us to wake up with vitality, the geranium and the mint They are of great help, as it clears and stimulates the mind. «You can combine it with rosemary and lemon to create an aromatic mist full of vitality that helps improve concentration and memory. It is ideal for students and opponents, “shares Vadillo. The cedar It is another ally to increase concentration capacity.

Depending on which oil you use and what benefits it has, we can apply it in one area or another. For example, if we want to breathe better, we will go to the chest, but if we need to release the mental load, it will be at the temples. To lower the level of stress and anxiety, the expert points out that we should apply it to the wrists, necks and even the soles of the feet, performing a massage one hour before bed.

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