Emma Stone, Alicia Vikander and Sophie Turner bet on wearing looks with lace

Lace is the new must on the red carpet

Somehow, just like the elements shiny and brocades, lace always has a small appearance in the dresses that celebs take to the red carpet, it is never lacking, but this time it starred in more than one look: from being part of the dress, to the perfect complement.

Emma Stone

For her arrival at this evening, the actress opted for a sleeveless dress that mixed various textures throughout the silhouette, such as feathers and velvet. Her two-tone dress between black and gray had lace in more than one part, first in the upper part of the piece, where it worked as a union between her pronounced neckline and also as a color accent between the combination. .

2nd Annual Academy Museum Gala - Arrivals
Lace was present in Emma’s dress.

As if that were not enough, we also saw the lace on her stockings, at first glance it seemed that they were high boots but with more attention we could notice that they were black stockings where this fabric was the protagonist.

Ho Yeon Jung

The South Korean actress and model also attended the evening and to do so she opted for a dress that we might well have thought was the same one that Emma Stone wore, however, although it retains the same silhouette and elements such as feathers and color combination , the top was different.

2nd Annual Academy Museum Gala - Arrivals
HoYeon Jung opted for some high conmbat boots.

As in the piece that Emma wore, the lace was also responsible for making the neckline less pronounced, this time following the V silhouette of the dress. The model also wore black lace stockings, but she opted to add a touch of her own style and wear combat boots high tops instead of sneakers.

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