European Football – Impossible to spoil Cristiano Ronaldo’s vacation

The crash of Cristiano Ronaldo’s luxury car in Mallorca has been talked about this week. But the Portuguese reacted immediately, one step ahead as always.

Currently on vacation after fulfilling his duty with the Portuguese selection, Cristiano Ronaldo is at the heart of rumors about his future. His desire to leave Manchester United a year after his return is discussed in European newspapers, in particular because of the absence of the Red Devils for the next Champions League. The month of July will therefore be decisive for CR7, who in the meantime takes advantage of his family in his various places of residence. Usually very discreet, Cristiano Ronaldo was still noticed this week in Mallorca, quite involuntarily. Indeed, one of his bodyguards, who was to bring him his Bugatti, had an accident and rendered the car completely unusable.

One boost too much, and the two-million-euro car still crashed into the background. A smashed wall and a partially damaged house, as well as the partially destroyed car, obviously made noise in the local press. “ Instantly they ripped out my water meter and since then I can’t live in my own house anymore, the door flew off and they knocked down two concrete columns “, explained the owner of the house affected to Ultima Hora. Since then, Cristiano Ronaldo’s representatives have intervened with the owner, and assured him that absolutely all repair costs will be borne by the footballer.

His 2nd Bugatti was already there!

A gesture which made it possible to put an end to this news item for which the Portuguese was not directly involved. However, Cristiano Ronaldo also impressed with his foresight, as the Manchester United striker had simply brought two Bugattis to his vacation spot. It was therefore the second car that was finally brought back to him, so that he could walk with his dear and tender in Mallorca with the cars from his collection that he appreciates the most.

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