For these reasons Sandra Bullock moves away from the digital world

Sandra Bullock is part of the small and exclusive list of celebrities who prefer to stay away from social networks, avoiding at all costs to create an account where their fans can gossip a little more about their life. The reasons for being absent in the networks are usually very diverse. However, in the case of Bullock, the actress decided to stay away from the digital world due to the influence of one of her first films, released in the mid-90s, “The Net”.

In an interview for “The Jess Cagle Show,” co-host of the famous talk show, Julia Cunningham, asked the 57-year-old actress if the action movie she starred in in 1995 was the reason why she did not use no social network. Joking, the Oscar-winning actress confirmed that yes, that was the real reason for her absence on social networks: “I’ve learned a lot,” begins telling Bullock. “We met real hackers and I remember people asking me ‘Does that exist? Do you really think we could order a pizza from your computer?’ And I just said yes.”

The Net

The Net

In the film, where she shares leading roles with actors Jeremy Northam and Dennis Miller, the artist plays Angela Bennett, a computer programmer for a major software design company. In the midst of a sudden journey, her character will be caught up in a dangerous plot of government conspiracy and espionage that puts her life at risk, as she tries to ensure that her identity is not completely erased from everyone. global databases.

Likewise, the actress had already commented in previous years that she does not feel that it is an obligation to be part of some of the social media platforms that exist.. In an interview for ‘InStyle’, in 2018, the actress stated: “I am not ignorant of what is happening out there. It just makes me lazy. But, eventually, I’ll get on the bandwagon to ‘trol’ my friends. When my children use it, I will know how to navigate it. I don’t want to be naive.” Despite the fact that the actress knows the networks very well, she is not willing to create a personal account in any of them, joining the list that includes other celebrities such as: Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson and Brad Pitt.

In addition to “The Net”, there is another film that significantly marked Bullock’s career in a very negative way, according to the actress in a conversation with “TooFab”, where her co-star in the film “The Lost City”, Daniel, was also present. Radcliffe. In the middle of the interview, the actors were asked which film project had embarrassed them the most.

Immediately, Sandra Bullock replied that her worst movie was “Speed ​​2”, the sequel to the successful movie “Speed: Full Power”, alongside Keanu Reeves. “I have one that no one went near and I’m still embarrassed that I was there. It’s called ‘Speed ​​2’. I’ve talked a lot about it and it doesn’t make sense. A ship slowly heading towards an island… That’s one I wish I hadn’t done,” Bullock said.

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