Ford Almussafes: Erta Agreement

The Temporary Employment Rules (Erte) file that Ford picked up in The Almussafes plant is finally adapting to the conditions proposed by the UGT majority union.. The transnational corporation gave in to her demands and reached an agreement with its headquarters in Ugetiste. a labor process that will last from tomorrow, February 13, to March 28. -and not earlier than April 30, as previously requested-.

In addition, the maximum number of affected employees per day at the auto plant will not be 750 people. but 500as the union demanded, that the case “correspond to the problems arising from the lack of planned production, and not from the excess of people arising in the plant.”


The terms that UGT and Ford signed for Erte, which were not supported by the minority union STM-Intersindical, are the same as those agreed in previous files. Specific, 80% of real daily wages are retained for affected workers, adding 100% vacation and additional pay, as well as full length of service.

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