Freqport FT-1 Freqtube, a tube plugin with real tubes

Freqport FT-1 Freqtube

The hardware component of the Freqport FT-1 Freqtube.


Few things give a sound a more distinctive color than good vacuum tubes. When they do their job well, they add that warm, silky saturation that so many musicians and technicians love. And it is no coincidence that tubes are a common target for software developers when it comes to emulating hardware devices in search of that long-awaited sound. Freqport takes that idea a bit further with FT-1 Freqtube, and features a plugin with various audio processes, supported by an external USB-C interface with a controller that also hides 4 real valves inside. What is said the perfect crime.

Freqport FT-1 Freqtube

Starting from the hardware component, FT-1 Freqtube offers an external USB-C interface that also works as a controller thanks to its 8 knobs and its color screen. Although the most important part of this little box is inside, since it has 4 vacuum tubes (two E83CC/12AX7 high gain tubes and two 12AU7 medium gain tubes) intended to add color and warmth to the signals given to process. Some signs that will pass through 32-bit converters capable of working with sampling frequencies of up to 192 KHz, thus allowing conversions with very little loss. In addition to the above, there is also 8 multimode filters in the hardware itself, although it is not stated whether they are analog or digital (probably the second option).

For its part, the software component is presented as a plugin that is responsible for managing the sending of signals to the hardware, the different processes that will take place in the hardware and the return of the audio to the digital field. A process that is done entirely via USB-C connection of the device, as there are no physical inputs or outputs. Something that would have been the icing on a cake that doesn’t look bad at all. Of course, seeing the price that the FT-1 Freqtube already has, any additional addition in the form of preamps or outputs would undoubtedly have complicated and made the result even more expensive. Add here that Freqport indicates that your system will allow to run up to 4 instances simultaneously.

Freqport FT-1 Freqtube Plugin

FT-1 Freqtube plugin, by Freqport.


Price and availability

Freqport FT-1 Freqtube will be available from August at a price of €799. The manufacturer’s website indicates compatibility with Windows Y macOSbut the plugin formats are not specified, although it stands to reason that there will be VST3, AU and AAX options at a minimum.

More information: Freqport

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