From actress to director: This has been the career of Olivia Wilde

In the last weeks, Olivia Wilde has been involved in various controversies regarding her film Don’t Worry Darlingbecause his relationship with singer Harry Styles and the alleged rivalry that exists with actress Florence Pugh.

This September 23, Don’t Worry Darling arrived at the movie theater in Mexico, so several users have recounted all the rumors and alleged problems that occurred between the cast during the filming of the film.

Therefore, Olivia Wilde has become an important figure in recent days, being a famous actress who decided to take the directing chair and working with great actors like Florencer Pugh, Chris Pine, Sydney Chandler and Harry Styles.

Next, we take a brief tour of Olivia Wilde’s career, who has captured the attention of several moviegoers since her directorial debut, as well as being a well-established television actress.

Before becoming a director, Olivia Wilde was a prominent television actress

Olivia Jane Cockburn, better known as Olivia Wilde is an American actress known for her roles in the series The OC and Dr. House. His mother, Leslie Redlicj is a producer and journalist for the program 60 Minutes, while his father is a journalist.

From the age of eight, Olivia Wilde showed an interest in acting, which is why she attended different schools such as The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, where she began working as a casting assistant.

mHis first appearance on television was in 2003 in the series Skin, appearing for 6 episodes. However, his role as Alex Kelly in The OC. he launched her to fame. While in the cinema he worked in productions such as The Girl Netx Door, Conversations with Other Women, Alpha Dog Y Tron Legacy.

His most recognized role was that of Dr. Remy Hadley in the series of dr houseearning a few nominations for best television actress.

Jon Favreau then cast her in the role of Ella Swenson in Cowboys & Aliens, with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford, getting used to female action characters. In addition to working with Spike Jonze, on the tape Her.

Your job as director

While working as an actress, Olivia Wilde directed her first short film called Free Hugsin addition to being involved in several documentary short films of a social nature.

In 2016, he directed the music video for the song Dark Necessities of the band Red Hot Chili Peppers Y in 2019 she made her debut as a film director with the film night of the nerds which starred Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever.

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