From the gym, Norma Palafox paralyzes the net with a tight minishort

Norma Palafox is one of the main references of women’s soccer in our country and who at her young age became a champion with Chivas, thus remaining in the history of this sport. However, for some time she has been trying to return to her level that characterized her in the beginning. On the other hand, she shows that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and she does it through her account of instagram. From the gym, the 24-year-old made everyone fall in love with a tight outfit.

In the last days, Norma Palafox said goodbye to the women’s Club Atlas, taking into account that he was released and his destiny would be in another team in our country. The attacker had arrived from Pachuca to Atlas and she played only 17 games and scored two goals. The message from the former Chivas was accompanied by a photo playing with the red and black shirt: “Someone once told me that we should focus on the things that we can control, while those that are not in our hands and many times we do not understand, We simply have to accept them, get up and grow in the face of the situation… unfortunately today I have to say goodbye to a great family”.

Norma Palafox said goodbye to Atlas. Source Instagram @normapalafox

Since Norma Palafox He left Chivas de Guadalajara in 2019 after winning the First Division championship, his level was not the same. In the middle of that year, she participated in the Exatlón in the United States where she was one of the finalists and later, she decided to return to soccer. A year later, she generated controversy after announcing her transfer to Pachuca, a team in which she spent two seasons until joining Atlas.

Norma Palafox is without a team for now. Source Instagram @normapalafox

Norma Palafox raised the temperature from the gym

Through his Instagram account where he has more than two million followers, Norma Palafox She showed why she is one of the most beautiful women of all and she did it wearing a tight outfit from the gym. The 24-year-old forward showed off her incredible curves, which she takes care to keep in shape.

Secondly, Norma Palafox Not only does she share stories while exercising, but she also does so by showing off her slender figure in tight-fitting swimsuits that set social media on fire and defy the limits of the camera’s social network. The 24-year-old is one of the most beautiful and desired women of all.

Norma Palafox falls in love in a bathing suit. Source Instagram @normapalafox


Norma Palafox falls in love with all Instagram with a revealing New Year’s look

PHOTOS: Norma Palafox raises the temperature in a golden bikini

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