Get to know the hotel where Kanye West was seen with a mysterious woman

It is not known what was the reason why Kanye West and the woman went to this hotel.

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the rapper Kanye West recently reappeared with an unknown womanthis occurred a few days after his former manager, Thomas St. John, said he was worried because he hadn’t heard from him in a while.

West was seen entering the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Hotel, Los Angeles, California, along with an unidentified woman. It is said that before arriving at the hotel they had been in a church.

It is not clear what West was doing at the luxurious five-star hotel, as he could have gone for lunch, a business meeting, a romantic date, or to enjoy his rooms.

Kanye West was missing for a while/ The Grosby Group.

One of the main characteristics of this hotel is that is located in the heart of Beverly Hillsone of the most exclusive areas in all of Los Angeles.

Its location allows from the place to be have easy access to various tourist spots such as the Hollywood Walk of Famethe shops of Rodeo Drive, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Walt Disney Concert Hall, the beach and the Santa Monica Pier.

Inside there are several restaurants, but one of them is led by chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, who has been recognized with Michelin stars. There is also a bar to enjoy excellent drinks.

Inside the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Hotel, there is also La Prairie, a world-famous spa.

Too They have several rooms and suites in which all kinds of comforts and luxuries are offered to their guests.. They have large dressing rooms, bathrooms, and even private balconies with excellent views of the outdoors.

Understanding that the hotel has all kinds of services, the rapper ex-husband of Kim Kardashian could have entered to enjoy any of them or all of them.

At the moment, it remains to wait for the identity of the woman with whom he was seen arriving to be revealed.

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