Giarre, the Montalcini gym passes to the Municipality –

The Municipality of Giarre has entered into a protocol with the Metropolitan City of Catania which has sold the gymnasium annexed to the Montalcini middle school in viale Libertà to the municipal body of Giarre.

The procedure was ratified by the signing of the deed of delivery, in the town hall, in the hall of mirrors, in the presence of the mayor Leo Cantarella, the councilor for public education, Antonella Santonoceto, the head of the Heritage Office, Building Heritage and Maintenance Service of the Metropolitan City of Catania, Nunziatina Spatafora, the municipal official Carmelo Torrisi and the head teacher Cettina Maccarrone.

In the recent past, the former Province owner of the Montalcini school complex in viale Libertà, granted and delivered on loan to the Municipality of Giarre, the central body of the school building, used as classrooms and offices, for the operation of the school. . With a subsequent decree of the extraordinary commissioner of the Metropolitan City, the address deed for the concession of the gymnasium annexed to the institute was then formalized, following a request made by the mayor Cantarella. And yesterday morning, in the town hall, everything was put in black and white.

“The signing of the deed of sale of the gymnasium annexed to the Montalcini media – affirms the councilor for public education, Antonella Santonoceto – represents the continuity of dialogue with the superior body of the Metropolitan City. A gym that is fully functional and well maintained. This facility, in addition to being used by students of the Montalcini average, may be granted, by agreement, to the sports associations in the area that have a few public gyms available for carrying out their activities “.

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