glamorous mother and daughter at the Kering Foundation charity dinner

On September 15, the charitable foundation of the Kering group organized one of the most glamorous charity galas in New York. Celebrities like Emma Watson, François-Henri Pinault and his wife Salma Hayek, Gisele Bündchen or Samuel L. Jackson were present. Queen Rania made a striking appearance alongside her eldest daughter, Princess Iman.

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The Kering Foundation organizes its charity dinner in New York

Kering, the French luxury group of François-Henri Pinault, organized its charity gala Caring for Women Dinner in New York on September 15. The dinner was hosted by CNN star host Anderson Cooper. When the luxury group that owns Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Boucheron or even Alexander McQueen organizes an event, we can expect to see good people marching.

The Kering group, formerly known as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, launched its foundation in 2008. The Kering Foundation fights against violence against women. The foundation helps survivors of violence and funds local NGOs to provide support and resources to women and those directly affected by the violence.

Queen Rania arrives at the Pool in New York with her daughter Iman on September 15 (Photo: Royal Hashemite Court/DPA/ABACAPRESS)

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Queen Rania and Princess Iman ultra-glamorous to support women

Queen Rania of Jordan, founder of the Jordan River Foundation, was invited to speak at the charity dinner held on September 16 at the Pool. This restaurant, formerly known as the restaurant of the Four Seasons, is located in the legendary Seagram Building designed by architects Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Philip Johnson.

Queen Ranie of Jordan and her ultra-glamorous daughter to attend the gala of the foundation of the luxury group Kering (Photo: Royal Hashemite Court/DPA/ABACAPRESS)

The big surprise was the presence of Princess Iman, who will turn 26 in a few days. Princess Iman, who has been living in the United States for her studies for several years, accompanied her mother to this prestigious event. Queen Rania passed on her elegance to her daughter, all dressed in black for the event. Queen Rania, meanwhile, opted for a total Bottega Veneta look, including accessories.

Princess Iman created a surprise by accompanying her mother to the Kering Foundation’s Carign for Women dinner (Photo: Royal Hashemite Court/DPA/ABACAPRESS)

Queen Rania took the floor to underline the urgency of the Kering Foundation’s core mission. “Unfortunately, crises are not gender neutral. »

Queen Rania spoke, as founder of the Jordan River Foundation, one of the beneficiary associations of the evening (Photo: Royal Hashemite Court/DPA/ABACAPRESS)

Today we live in a world where seismic disruptions have become the norm…from pandemics to climate change, mass migration, conflict and geopolitical evolution”said the Queen of Jordan. “And women and girls are always the first to feel the ground shifting under their feet. They are the first to suffer and the last to recover, their agony is underground and in the shadows. »

Queen Rania of Jordan has been fighting for women’s causes through her foundation for years (Photo: Royal Hashemite Court/DPA/ABACAPRESS)

According to Kering, this evening raised 3 million dollars, which will be distributed among four associations that fight against gender inequalities and for the safety of women, including Queen Rania’s Jordan River Foundation (JRF). The JRF was founded in 1995. It works for the development of the conditions of women with all that this implies, as well as for the protection of children. One of the avenues currently favored by the foundation is to support the financial empowerment of women. Funds raised from Kering’s evening will help the Jordan River Foundation provide case management and counseling services for women in difficulty.

The luxury clothing and luxury experience sale raised $3 million in one evening, which will be distributed among the four associations chosen by Kering (Photo: Royal Hashemite Court/DPA/ABACAPRESS)

To raise funds, an auction led by Lydia Fenet of Christie’s was organized during the evening. The prizes included Kering experiences, namely days in major fashion cities in association with the group’s boutiques, Brioni and Balenciaga clothing or even a visit to the Boucheron workshops or a complete personalized look from Gucci.

Princess Iman rose to sudden notoriety at the start of the summer. The eldest daughter of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania has announced her engagement to Jameel Thermiotis, days after her older brother, Crown Prince Hussein’s surprise engagement announcement was made to the daughter of a Saudi businessman. Queen Rania and her daughter attended this dinner on September 15 in New York. Queen Rania and King Abdullah were on September 18 at the reception of King Charles III at Buckingham Palace and on September 19 at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The next day, the Hashemite royal couple were again in New York. Queen Rania takes part in various events she supports, such as the Prince William Climate Prize, as King Abdullah II attends the 77th United Nations General Assembly.

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