Google has a game that lets you create 3D vases (and it’s more addictive than it sounds)


3D Pottery is a free Google game in which you can replicate the vases of the main civilizations in history in 3D.

Google has us accustomed to hide games in your apps and services like the classic dinosaur game, which you could play both with and without internet connectionwhich was hidden in your browser, the 7 “secret” games of Google Play Games or Google Assistant games that you could play with your Google Home.

Well, now the American giant has a new game, which you will not have to find because it is not hidden, which allows you to create 3D vases And believe me, it’s more addictive than it looks.

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Google’s new game will let you create your own 3D vases

This is 3d Pottery, Google’s new online game with which you can create your own 3D vases

Within the Google Arts&Culture website you can find various online games related to art and history and the latest to arrive on this platform is 3D Pottery, a really addictive title in which you can replicate in 3D the vases of the main civilizations of history.

To play 3D Pottery and create your own 3D vase, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • Access the game’s website from this link
  • Click on the button To play and then in the option Start
  • Select the vase you want to recreate (initially you will only be able to do it with the Terracotta Amphora from the Greek civilization) by clicking on the option Recreate this pot
  • Click on the button let’s go to start creating your own 3D vase
  • Move the mouse cursor to create a hole in the piece of clay
  • Shape the piece by pressing the left mouse button
  • When you have finished shaping it click on the button finish sculpting
  • Then put a handle on your vase with the mouse cursor and click on the button Next
  • Select the color with which you want to paint the vase and apply it by moving the mouse cursor over the piece
  • Click on the button finish painting and immediately the firing process of the vase will begin
  • Finally, you will see an image of the vase you just created and its score, which is calculated based on the resemblance to the piece you had to replicate

Google has a game that lets you create 3D vases (and it's more addictive than it sounds)

These are the basic steps that you must follow to create your own 3D vase, but later on we are going to tell you a couple of tricks that will help you make vases that are more and more faithful to the model that you must replicate. First of all, when you are carving the piece of clay you can see it from different angles by simply clicking the left mouse button on an empty areasomething that will help you shape it.

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Secondly, when you are painting your vase if you hold down the left mouse button on a certain area of ​​the vase you can fill the gaps without painting in a really simple way.

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