Green pass, the rules from today: where the swab is enough, where the vaccine is needed and when access is free

From 1 April, with the end of the state of emergency (31 March), Italy is on its way to return to normality, or rather to coexistence with the virus, which continues to circulate widely, especially in the center-south. Activities accessible without a green certificate are growing and those for which the super green pass is mandatory (vaccination or recovery) are reduced. In many cases the buffer is sufficient (ie the basic green pass is enough). Let’s see how the rules on the green certificate front change, which in any case, in principle, will be abolished everywhere starting from May 1st. The only exception is the requirement of a reinforced green pass for visits to RSAs and hospital wards, which remains in force until 31 December.

The places where access is free

From 1 April it is no longer necessary to have the basic green pass to enter the public officesin the shopsfrom hairdressers and barbers, in banks and at posed (a mask remains mandatory until April 30th). Farewell to the green certificate also to stay in hotel and accommodation facilities (including restaurants within them), to visit museums, exhibitions And librariesto access the amusement parks and outdoor swimming poolsto eat in the Cafe And outdoor restaurants. No green pass to get on local public transport (tram, bus, metro), even if the Ffp2 mask is still required until April 30th. Access is free for all these activities.

Where the basic green pass is enough

For catering indoors, at the counter or at the table, the basic pass is sufficient (the swab is enough). Basic green pass also to get on planes, trains, ferries And intra-regional coaches (with the obligation to wear a Ffp2 mask until April 30th), participate in public competitionsaccess the canteensgo to stage (with Ffp2 mask until April 30th) and attend theatrical performances and open-air concerts (always with Ffp2 mask until the end of April). Furthermore, from 1 April, the limit on capacities lapses and therefore also in the stadiums it is possible to occupy 100% of the seats.

On the work front, the basic green pass (from 25 March) is enough for over 50 and (regardless of age) police, police, university professors and in general all the categories for which vaccination is compulsory until 15 June. Also unvaccinated teachers they can go back to school with a negative swab, but they cannot teach. They must be assigned by principals to “support duties”.

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Where the super green pass obligation remains

From 1 to 30 April there are still numerous activities for which the super green pass (vaccination or recovery from Covid) continues to exist: attend the competitions in the indoor sports halls (with Ffp2 mask); attend parties organized in indoor venues (birthday, graduation, wedding, confirmation, communion etc.); attend movies, plays and indoor concerts (with Ffp2 mask); enter the discos (here the surgical mask is enough, to be removed only on the dance floor at the time of the dance); to attend indoor swimming pools, gyms, wellness centers; to practise team and contact sports, always if indoors; as well as participate in conferences And congresses; or enter betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.

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