Gross! Player ended Dark Souls with the least expected weapon

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Yes, FromSoftware games are difficult and even more so with a concept defined since the launch of Demon’s Souls. However, once you master them, it is possible to give yourself certain luxuries, such as ending it in the strangest ways, and there is a sector in your community that, after overcoming the challenges of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s works, has decided to break with the protocol and overcome the games in different ways. The most recent case is that of a player who finished Dark Souls: Remastered using pure heaps of manure.

You never thought it could end Dark Souls thus

LilAggy, streamer who was the first to finish ELDEN RING in less than an hour, he has done his thing again but this time his victim is Dark Souls Remastered. Since this player has full command of the FromSoftware titles, his goal is to go beyond the conventional and explore the limits of each installment by playing in unusual ways. In this case, the goal was to finish the remaster of the first Dark Souls using as a weapon, only, piles of manure.

Before starting her journey, LilAggy calculated the toxicity of this element that can be used to attack since its toxicity effect not only damages enemies, but also the character. Hence, after multiplying the maximum damage by the use and the time it would take to end the game, she knew how much health she should seek during the entire session.

With that done, the streamer faced the stormy world of Dark Souls Remasteredalthough he had to take advantage of some glitches in those enemies that were immune to toxicity because he was willing to fulfill his goal of finishing the game using these piles of fecal matter.

The result? LilAggy got away with it and both the enemies and the bosses succumbed to such an unexpected weapon. In fact, the streamer’s experience showed that some of the bosses reacted in strange ways, suggesting that perhaps they were not programmed to deal with such a scenario.

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