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In the digital reality that we live in, it seems that an innocent video or even a tip of make-up can become the maximum controversy of the internet and haley bieber you know that very well. The model cannot get away from the headlines that put into controversy both what she says, what she is wearing and even how she decides to put on makeup.

While promoting one of the products of her cosmetic brand Rhode, the young model showed her favorite set of products that consisted of a brown lip liner and a sheer gloss.

This viral video of TikTok It took us from the drama about the relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber – her current husband – to a heated discussion about the lip look that Hailey baptized as the look for this fall. Immediately, the users of TikTok They pointed out that the makeup known as ‘brownie glazed lips’ was nothing more than the aesthetic popularized in the 90s by Latin and African-American women.

Photos: Getty Images
Photos: Getty Images

The comments that accuse haley bieber of cultural appropriation of a makeup style that has been present for more than two decades in communities of color were not long in coming. From users who compared the final look to the way their moms or aunts painted their lips in the 1990s; even those who point out that the 25-year-old does nothing but repeat a beauty tip that has always existed and at the time was popularized by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, Halle Berry, among others.

What really bothers the internet?

Many users are convinced that the North American model was the one who created this makeup and that, without a doubt, generates discomfort. discomfort because It is clear that the inspiration of haley bieber It started from some specific concept or image and meanwhile, the community of people of color (especially of Latino origin) make sure to defend one of the expressions of art that has been characteristic of their culture for several years.

Photos: TikTok @haileybieber
Photos: TikTok @haileybieber

Faced with this controversial debate, one of the most representative voices in the beauty industry also shared her thoughts. “When it came to my sisters, my mother, and in the black and Latino communities in general, this style was seen in a derogatory way”told Diet Prada (Instagram account specializing in fashion) Sir John Barnett, Beyoncé’s personal makeup artist. “Now that this aesthetic is seen on white people’s bodies, it has recently been attributed the value of a ‘trendy’ or fashionable look.”

Photo: IG @diet_prada
Photo: IG @diet_prada

As past trends reach new generations through social media, the context is often lost. We are already used to seeing how certain groups claim styles and fashions as their own and in the face of this it is necessary to stop and recognize – always with respect – that the influences of past times have a value and it is important that this be recognized as such.

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