He swore love to America, the betrayal that Viñas made to the eagles for a few millions

Federico Vinas.
Federico Vinas.

The arrival of Federico Viñas to América was a special case in Coapa because a few years ago he was a total unknown in Mexican soccer and there were not so many expectations about him but he quickly earned the affection of the fans with goals and good performances.

The connection between Federico Viñas and Club América was so good and immediate that it seemed that the Uruguayan striker would be a player of the time in the team, since all this was combined with great goals that were about to give them a championship.

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Unfortunately for the Uruguayan player and for América, the level of Viñas was never the same as that of that first season and now, beginning in 2023, he betrays the club he said he loved a couple of years ago.

Viñas’ betrayal of America.

Federico Viñas would be betraying América and shows that he does not really love the club, since he refused to sign for Xolos when everything was already arranged and he wanted to stay in América to continue collecting the millionaire salary he earns in Coapa, making it clear which are your priorities.

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