Here is the official list of what NOT to drink if you have high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease. On average, it affects 1.2 billion individuals worldwide, but this number has been on the rise over the past 30 years. Today we will see which drinks it is recommended not to drink to avoid high blood pressure values ​​in the arteries.

Here is the official list of what NOT to drink if you have high blood pressure

Let’s start with a drink developed and loved in the world, the coffee. Inside, it contains more than a thousand chemical components, although its composition may vary based on some factors.

The main component of the coffee, caffeine is undoubtedly the most famous substance, to which different and multiple properties are conferred. But let’s see for hours what correlation there is between coffee and hypertension.

People suffering from hypertension can indulge in coffee on a daily basis, as long as it is in very moderate quantities. The consumption of this drink, in quantities between one and three cups a day, appears to represent a fair compromise for people suffering from high blood pressure.

Other drinks to avoid with high pressure peaks are obviously those alcoholic. Although we can say that small amounts of alcohol have been proven to help protect against heart problems. Excessive alcohol consumption, however, can increase and not a little the levels of triglycerides in the blood, lead to hypertension and cardiovascular torments.

Regardless of the type of beverage (wine, beer, spirits), hypertension and cardiovascular mortality increase in proportion to alcohol consumption and abuse. This association between alcohol and high blood pressure is observed when the usual daily consumption exceeds 20 grams of alcohol, which corresponds approximately to 200 ml of wine (1-2 glasses to be clear), to 400 ml of beer (2-4 glasses ), or 50 ml of spirits (1-2 glasses).

Drinking regularly and responsibly is a good rule to observe to prevent high blood pressure problems and also to prepare when blood pressure has exceeded the so-called “safe limits”.

It has been seen that blood pressure begins to decrease and fall within a few days of reducing alcohol and alcohol intake.

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