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– Published on May 29, 2022 at 08:00

Kim Kardashian is the face of a new brand. It is for vegetable meat that she gives of her person. Internet users are hilarious!

“Business in business”, Kim Kardashian understood it well. The businesswoman now lends her image to Beyond Meat. These plant-based meat specialists have chosen her to be their new ambassador. A five star choice! A genius communication move for the brand. The buzz is guaranteed! The billionaire is at the same time in the wake of celebrities committed to the environment. “Go green”, the new trend in Hollywood. However, some gossips doubt Kim’s choice as the new spokesperson.

Beyond Meat introduces us to its brand new ambassador of choice in a post shared on Instagram. The star with 313 million followers uses her popularity to benefit the brand. The American puts her good taste to work. In an offbeat clip, Miss Kim plays the “Chief Taste Consultant”. ” I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I decided to offer my best asset: my taste” she says. We see the brunette taste the brand’s products with delight. Kim proclaims that we can treat ourselves and do good for the planet at the same time. Did the message get through to Internet users?

Kim Kardashian mocked

The choice of Kim Kardashian as the face of Beyond Meat is controversial. Some find that the reality TV star is not legitimate to promote a committed brand. For others, any promotion of these products is welcome. Internet users are divided, but the majority mock the Kardashian star! “Haters” attack the brunette who wouldn’t even chew what she tastes: Lol. She doesn’t even chew” Where ” I’ll be honest, I didn’t notice the first time I watched, but OMG you’re right ! Some people are more nuanced. According to them, the clip is to be taken literally: “ It’s stupid. You didn’t get the joke. It’s a parody”. Beyond Meat’s marketers can be satisfied, the video has gone viral. Hiring Kim Kardashian is the guarantee of being talked about!

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