his Parisian honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez turns into a nightmare… This new video will get people talking!

For several days, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are on a little cloud! And for good reason, on July 16, the lovebirds united in Las Vegas to everyone’s surprise. Madly in love with each other, the two stars therefore bet on an ultra romantic trip for their honeymoon. Thus, they opted for the city of Paris to mark the occasion! Accompanied by their respective children, JLO and Ben Affleck have taken advantage of countless tourist spots in the capital.

Between shopping sessions, stops in upscale restaurants or walks along the Seine, the merry troop hardly had time to be bored. Last Tuesday, the two actors also visited the Louvre! At the same time, the duo also tasted exceptional dishes at Cyril Lignac. Unsurprisingly, the paparazzi were constantly on the lookout for their actions… But not only that! Their fans did not let them go.

“Why pity them?”

Some did not hesitate to ask them for a few selfies during their walks. This week, a new video by Ben Affleck had the merit of making the buzz. In the sequences, we see him chaining the photos with fans. But obviously, the main interested party seemed annoyed by this little game!

On the Web, many Internet users reacted to the extracts: “Nah, but the poor guy… He just wants to enjoy Paris with his family and everyone jumps on him”, “Leave them alone… Honestly, they didn’t ask for anything”, “Why pity them? They want to live like Mr. and Mrs. everyone but… it’s Jlo and Ben what”. The latest news, Ben Affleck would have flown to LA on July 27, while Jennifer Lopez would have decided to take full advantage of Italy.


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