How to wear slim jeans at 40 and 50+ like celebrities

Since the slim jeans disrupted the fashion scene, until the 40 and 50+ celebrities they completely fell for his charms. Hollywood stars have shown that jeans Slightly fitted, they are a timeless staple that not only have the ability to dramatically shape the figure, but also instantly turn an elegant outfit. Everything that a woman looks for in a design, especially when maturity is reflected in her way of dressing and it is no longer about following a trend and, on the contrary, trying to find clothes that fit with her lifestyle, and above all everything, personality

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celebrities like Salma Hayek, Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez These are just some of the faces that have inspired us to learn the difference between skinny and slim jeans, because we have learned the best style tips from them. Not for nothing time is the best friend to define who you really are and what suits you best. For this reason, no one better than the best-dressed celebrities to follow in their footsteps and keep an eye on the options that promise absolute victory everywhere. Whether they are classic pieces, going through faded jeans or with frayed details, you will have a range of options that will be your next obsession.

How to wear slim jeans at 40 and 50 according to celebrities?

Classic slim jeans with colorful blazers and sneakers Look like Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton with Veja sneakers and slim jeans.

Kate Middleton shows us how to formulate a casual and at the same time distinctive outfit with garments that all of us should have in our wardrobe: slim jeans, blouses suspenders, blazers in vibrant colors and normcore tennis. The proposal to combine formal pieces with everyday clothes is a constant in the 40+ celebrities and even from a young age, since it is the key to look modern without giving a very relaxed appearance. Therefore, it is better that you take advantage of its versatility and bring out its best version, it is only a matter of maintaining a minimalist aesthetic that goes with every woman.

Slim ripped jeans with strappy sandals like Eva Longoria

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Eva Longoria with slim ripped jeans and strappy sandals.

Yeah Eva Longoria dares, so why not you? The wonder of the slim ripped jeans is that they make a difference in a traditional look, which makes them the infallible garment for walking with a high dose of style. It is time to leave behind the stereotypes that frayed texans They are only for adolescents, they do not distinguish by age, as long as you wear them correctly. Choose to take them with blouses in neutral colors, along with blazers oversize in tune and culminates with a pair of high strappy sandals that contrast, ideal for a dinner with your friends or an evening event.

Classic slim jeans with flat tennis shoes and a skinny blazer like Natalie Portman

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Natalie Portman wearing Veja sneakers and classic slim jeans.

Natalie Portman confirms that to go well dressed anywhere you don’t need much. The 41-year-old actress is the perfect example for not hesitating to invest in slim jeans in its traditional version, those that go with everything and are much easier to merge. Whether it’s for the office or simply for a walk in your favorite city, don’t hesitate to take them with you. neck blouses high, blazers with tweezers and tennis flat sole that allow you to look fabulous without giving up comfort.

Slim jeans with white blouses and matching tennis shoes like Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway in slim jeans and Veja sneakers.

It is clear that dressing in a ‘functional’ way is the secret of the celebrities of 40+ to conquer the streets with an authentic and sophisticated style in equal parts. Anne Hathaway confirms that having a couple of tight jeans it is more than enough to create attractive outfits that do not go unnoticed, it all depends on what you are looking to achieve with them. However, you can carry them with white tennisWith romantic blouses to match and finish with a relaxed-looking jacket that balances the look.

Slim jeans with metallic details and satin shirts like Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek in frayed slim jeans with metallic appliqués and strappy sandals.

Patchwork or with metallic details, the slim jeans they look much better with details that add extra points to the outfit. That’s how he showed it Salma Hayekwho is the muse to take to another level skinny pants that exalt your figure to the 50+the best of all is that you will not need much to achieve it, since the leading role is focused on the cowboy. A satin shirt and strappy sandals high in tone are the ideal pieces to be the best dressed of the place.

Slim jeans in indigo blue and heeled boots like Jennifer Aniston

Arnaldo Magnani.

Jennifer Aniston in slim jeans over heeled boots.

The 54-year-old Hollywood star, Jennifer Aniston, She is an expert when it comes to raising any type of jeansfrom slim up style baggy. Combine them with waders heeled and leather jackets that add an alternative note to the outfit, the style tip? Wear them over boots.

Slim jeans in light denim with transparent tops like Jennifer Lopez

Pierre Suu/Getty Images.

Jennifer Lopez with slim jeans and platforms.

no one like Jennifer Lopez to find the jeans that adapt impeccably to your figure. The slim jeans They do favor all types of silhouettes, their fitted design and straight hem allow you to play with the proportion and bet on blouses loose-fitting bows in transparent fabrics and footwear of vertiginous height to see you spectacular.

Slim jeans with peep toe shoes and plaid tops like Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker in slim jeans and peep toes.

Every woman’s dream 50+ it is being able to continue wearing timeless garments with which you feel comfortable and can continue expressing yourself through them, just as he taught Sarah Jessica Parker. The actress is a faithful follower of classics such as peep toe shoesand of course, jeans They go with everything, whether it’s with a plaid shirt or a white button-down, these are infallible to look casual, but with a touch of personality that you absolutely love.

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